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11-18-2008, 01:18 AM
After watching the San Diego game, I experienced the obvious emotions (some frustration with the officiating, happiness we didn't blow it), but I also like looking at some of the smaller aspects of the game that are very important but get overshadowed by the storylines the press likes to report. Here are some individual player observations--I'm only including stuff that I haven't seen in print before:

Nate Washington: Nate ran good routes downfield, and made a nice play to take it to the 1 yard line on the drive Moore got stuffed.

However, Nate still has problems catching the ball. This became particularly evident when he dropped an easy third down conversion that hit him in the hands with no defenders in the area--this led to a crucial change of possession.

Fernando Bryant: I wasn't impressed. Looked completely lost giving up a big gain to Malcolm Flyod on a critical third down. He misplayed the pass to Gates in the endzone, but got lucky that Rivers' pass was to the wrong shoulder--if the Chargers execute that right it's an easy touchdown, as Gates easily got position.

It's worth noting when looking at the play of our DBs that the Chargers' receivers (Jackson, Chambers, Floyd, Gates) are all quite tall, so our DBs give up quite a bit of height--this could have been a factor in the Gates non-TD.

Sean McHugh: This guy looks like a solid pickup. True, he did draw a critical penalty, but he's a good lead blocker on running plays and he had a nice 15-yard catch-and-run as well. I'm not sure what Carey Davis brings to the table over him. I guess he can't rush, but it's not like Davis is really a threat to run the ball, either, and McHugh is certainly a better receiver.

Justin Hartwig : The announcers didn't mention it much, but San Diego NT Jammal Williams is among the game's elite run-stuffers. Hartwig got help from the guards, but all in all he did quite a nice job of containing a guy who could have single-handedly derailed our run-game.

Mewelde Moore: Moore didn't look too good on his goal-line carry, but then again with the kind of penetration the Chargers had he didn't have much chance. It doesn't seem like Arians/Tomlin want to give him many carries, which is alright as long as Willie keeps playing well, but Moore played well enough in his opportunity that he deserves at least part of the burden. Spelling Willie with Moore and Russell would keep him fresher and make for a more effective backfield.

The main thing I noticed about Moore, though, is that he's quite a good blocker. I had heard this before, but hadn't seen much concrete evidence.

Willie Colon and Max Starks: I personally think the tackles are the weakest starters on the team--this game wasn's as bad as it often is for them, but they still have obvious problems with outside speed rushers. Colon seems to often just whiff, while Starks doesn't move well. Additionally, neither is better than adequate at run-blocking.

Thoughts . . . ?

11-18-2008, 01:47 AM
ok...the Steelers D is too Godly to ever understand, even by Lebeau himself. so tall recievers vs. small defenders = 0 TDs!!! yay! the oline is not as bad as they could be. teams go in rebuilding phases every few years (cept the raiders lol) we are still making a cohesive unit. it will take time. Yes, there are still missing peices, but, we are getting better. honestly, if we were healthy, gd wed be more talk then the titans. really.

Galax Steeler
11-18-2008, 04:45 AM
Nate didn't play his best game he did drop a couple of easy passes that should have been caught.

Fernando I think he did mess up on a couple of plays but he was thrown in there with not much time to learn the deffense hopefully he will improve before the Bunghole game.