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11-26-2008, 08:59 AM
Steelers coach Mike Tomlin's Take
By John Harris
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On New England receiver Randy Moss:

"Randy Moss is a big-play guy. If you get single safety coverage, if he gets matched up one-on-one downfield with defenders, it's big-time problems. It has been for the 11 years he's been in the league, and nothing's changed. ... Moss has done a nice nice job over his career making quarterbacks look really good. If you have Randy Moss one-on-one with somebody, you can just throw the ball in the general area. He comes back with the football."

On re-signing punter Mitch Berger:

"When we made the decision to go to Paul (Ernster), I characterized it as not up to snuff. Obviously, not up to snuff is relative. We're glad to have Mitch back. Of course, the reason you go to him is continuity. (Kicker) Jeff (Reed) is having an awesome season and has been very consistent for us. When you bring in a guy like Mitch, who's got experience with (Reed) in the holding category, it weighs into your decision. Hopefully, it continues to be an effective element of our game and Mitch will be a big part of that. We'll need Mitch to do a quality job of punting as well."

On his players maintaining their focus during the break:

"For the guys that needed to rest, it's a great opportuity to get a break. For the guys that didn't, there have been guys in and out of the building getting workouts. These guys are professionals. They know what's at stake. It's getting to the rubber meeting the road, that time of season. It wasn't a bunch of talk about where we are. I think they have a clear understanding of where we are."

On the play of free safety Ryan Clark:

"First and foremost, he's having a heck of a season. I don't want to devalue the plays that he makes, because he's making quality plays for us and playing good football. But with that, the added bonus is that he does a good job of communicating with others, making sure people are on the same page, exhibiting leadership qualities that you covet in a guy that stands in the middle of the field."


11-26-2008, 04:24 PM
I have complete faith in Mike Tomlin to have this team ready and focused for the Cheaters on Sunday.

11-26-2008, 11:34 PM
Amen :drink:. Pats arent going to be smiling very much on Sunday.

And I think the biggest way to make them not smile is hit them hard and often every chance we get especially players like Welker, Faulk and Moss and most importantly Cassel.