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11-27-2008, 03:09 AM
Good Morning Steelers Fans,

we are the Bremerhaven Seahawks from Germany an we need your help.


We are in the hunt for a sponsorpakage from a local radio station called energy bremen.
The value of that package is 20.000 Euro ( ca. 25.000 US-Dollar ).

For teams in germany sponsoring is very important, because the fanbase is not the same as in the usa.
To win this contest every sports club has to make a silly proposal.

Our idea is to pull a carriage full with people through our local christmas fair, completly equipped and with elkhorns on our heads.

We are in the last round of the competition ( the only footballteam left ) and now its on the people to vote.

We need every help we can get.

So everything you have to do, is to vote for us at http://www.energy.de/bremen/onair/2007-07/energybremensuchtverein-voting/index.html

You just have to click on that link and vote for the Bremerhaven Seahawks. To complete the vote you have to type your name, the form of address and your e-mail into the fields.

There is also a field for spamprotection. Only the letters and numbers from that picture above must be type in here.

The two ckeckboxes are for the protection of your privacy and that you will not receive any mails from energy bremen.
So click both of these.

I am sorry for this type of spam. But as i said we can need every help we can get.
If we win we upload video of our carriage to youtube.

Sincerely yours

Robert Schulz

PS: Please forgive me my bad english.

11-27-2008, 07:21 AM
Ok, you got it. Voted.I'd do anything 2 make the American football a world sport. Wish you the best of luck.

11-27-2008, 07:54 PM
If you called your team the Seahawks, that means you have to whine about the refs!