View Full Version : Cowboys vs Steelers Prep Week Thread: Most anticipated game all year

12-01-2008, 11:35 AM
:helmet::helmet:Well, the minute I saw this game on the schedule, flashbacks of this extreme rivalry just came through my head such as the Jack Lambert incident, Terry Bradshaws Unconscious pass to win that game, and the bitter times such as Neil O'Donnels INT to garbage larry brown who had the game of his life in the big stage, but nothing after that.

Now as matchups go, this is one of the most intense matchups we will have seen all season. You have Jason Witten vs Polamalu and Clark, T.O. and Roy Williams against Ike, Deshea, Gay, and possibly McFadden, Flozell Adams and Mark Colombo against the twin headed monster of Woodley and Harrison, And Marion Barber and Romo Facing off with that unbelieveable Front 7 of the steelers.

From the other match ups, IMO, this is the game that will make or break the OL, especially Max Starks. Starks will most likely have to go against DeMarcus Ware all day and it will test his guts and heart. Even if Ware cant play, they will plug in Spencer who is another monster in the pass rush, and Willie Colon is going to have a long day with his short arms agaisnt Greg Ellis, who is extremely tall and has long arms,(and believe me I met him a couple of weeks ago).

Any other matchups or discussions welcome, I think the most undernoticed matchup that we must watch is Andre Gerourde, the center from the cowboys, against galveston native Casey Hampton. This is going to be an incredible game. Go steelers:tt02::tt02:

12-01-2008, 11:45 AM
Funny you mention Larry Brown-he's also one of our radio commentators, along with Babe "I was a 50% passer on the SIDELINES" Laughenberg.

While I appreciated his contributions as a player here in Dallas, he's a complete idiot when it comes to being a commentator. He says alot of stuff that supposedly happened in the games that anyone with the naked eye can clearly see didn't happen at all. Even everyone on the CMB laughs him off.

Babe L, OTOH, is very sharp with his analysis-he was also the same guy who first spotted Tony Romo with incredible potential back in '05.

12-01-2008, 02:23 PM
As soon as the schedule came out I was really excited about this game, especially since we hadn't played them since 04 and with the big rivalry back in the 70s and all that. I immediately picked this game to go to and have been counting down the days ever since.