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12-03-2008, 09:17 PM
WORST HANDS: Pats rookie Matthew Slater -- drafted for his potential as a kickoff returner -- muffed his first return attempt of the day, letting a kickoff hit him in the chest before booting it away. Pittsburgh scored a touchdown after the miscue to go ahead 20-10.

WORST DOWNWARD SPIRAL: After getting the ball back following the Slater turnover/Steelers TD, Pats QB Matt Cassel fumbled when he was strip-sacked. Pittsburgh pulled away from there.

BEST USE OF THE STADIUM SCOREBOARD: Seeing as there weren’t too many Patriots [team stats] highlights to broadcast after halftime, fans were treated to movie times at the Showcase Cinemas in Patriots Place.

BEST ILLEGAL HIT: Steelers defensive back Ryan Clark absolutely lit up Wes Welker over the middle but was flagged for unnecessary roughness since the Pats wideout was in a defenseless position.

WORST BENNY HILL ROUTINE: The old comic’s theme music should have been playing on a three-play sequence at the end of the first half. Pats receiver Randy Moss dropped a touchdown, Steelers defensive back Ike Taylor dropped an interception, and the Pats kicker Stephen Gostkowski shanked a 27-yard field goal.

BEST IMPRESSION OF THE 2007 MIKE VRABEL: This one goes to Pats linebacker Mike Vrabel, who, in addition to an interception, tipped another pass at the line of scrimmage and was a defensive presence all game.

BEST IMPRESSION OF THE 2005 BENJAMIN WATSON: The Pats tight end reprised his memorable playoff chase and hit on Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey by ranging the length of the field to drop Lawrence Timmons at the Pats 1 following a long interception return.

WORST DROP, PART 1: Steelers wideout Santonio Holmes ran a perfect route across the Patriots defense. QB Ben Roethlisberger made a perfect throw on the sideline. Everything was going great until the ball hit Holmes’ hands and bounced away.

WORST DROP, PART II: A Cassel scramble appeared to have set up Moss for a big gain in the first half, but the receiver couldn’t hold onto a ball that hit him up around the chest and face mask.

BEST LAST REASON TO CELEBRATE: Pats corner Deltha O’Neal broke up a long pass midway through the first half and followed it with a little dance. It’s a good thing he celebrated when he did because that was pretty much the only play he made all afternoon.

BEST ILLUSTRATION OF NEWTON’S LAWS: When Pats corner Ellis Hobbs [stats] blitzed unblocked off the right side, he probably figured he had an easy sack of Roethlisberger. What he didn’t count on was Roethlisberger absorbing every last bit of his blindsided shot before being taken down by Richard Seymour [stats].

BEST SCUD MISSILE: Steelers safety Troy Polamalu launched himself over the pile on a fourth-down run, but like the Scud itself, badly missed his mark.

BEST PATRIOT MISSILE: On that same play, Pats running back Sammy Morris took a delayed handoff, let Polamalu shoot by and then shot himself forward for 2 yards and the first down.

BEST TACKLE BY A KICKER: Gostkowski followed a field goal by dropping Gary Russell on the ensuing kickoff as the last line of defense.

BEST SURPRISE: The Patriots ran a draw to Faulk in the first half and the Steelers weren’t ready, as Faulk sprinted 41 yards before the end of the first half.

WORST THROW: Roethlisberger appeared to see Vrabel on an attempted flare to tight end Heath Miller, which made the fact that he threw the ball directly into Vrabel’s hands even worse.


With their tradition, one would think Boston's turncoats are used to losing a game or two. However when i was reading this I was like "WTF?" I know what they're trying here, you know, like trying to be optimist & see the lights & sh*t. But this is like "Wow".

And, I've heard so much about this famous Boston Herald before, but with the stupid posts like this that can't be great newspaper.

12-04-2008, 12:15 AM
They're just trying to console themselves. Leave them be. :chuckle: