View Full Version : Lets all just get along! Remember our superbowl year!

12-10-2008, 10:07 PM
I remember what a stressful year our Superbowl XL year was. However it was the funnest year in football ever for a STEELERS fan. Games were tight. Offense wasn't always great. but our smashmouth football style just made the other teams look crappy. I wasn't always enjoying the tight games, the missed opportunities which put us in as a mere wildcard. However as I sit back after the year and looked back on the years we were dominant, and had homefield advantage, and a bye only to come up short. Those years weren't as exciting as watching us claw, and scrape our way past team after team against all odds to win it all. I hate the bye week in the playoffs. It usually kills our type of football. So as we claw and scrape, and make other teams look worse than us Lets not forget to enjoy the ride. Soon the season will be over Superbowl or no Superbowl. Our team once again is heading for the playoffs. My brother is a Jacksonville fan (How the Heck that happened I don't know Sibling rivalry I guess) I feel somewhat for him because his team was on an upswing, then this year nothing. The STEELERS however are always there to give us that extra few games, and hopefully more. I think we can vent to help us get through to the next week in hopes we don't make the same mistakes, but remember were all on the same team. And through these tough games we experience "Suffering, and Suffering produces Perserverance; Perseverance produces Character, and Charater; Hope" Romans 5:4&5 I hold out hope that Ben will come around at just the right time, and Willie will be back in form at just the right time, or O-line will gel etc. etc. Not because it practical, or even likely, but because I'm a FAN:tt03::tt02::tt::applaudit::hatsoff: