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12-11-2008, 06:46 PM
i just wanted to get the skinny on everyone's plans for gameday this Sunday.

i'm having a HUGE housewarming/Steeler party for everyone on the block. lots of booze, lots of chow, and lots and lots of people. my boys are coming in from out of town and my girl is making some wicked Buffalo Chicken Dip (a new tradition.) i can't wait. this game is even bigger than the Cowboys game. guess what...EVERYONE is invited! haha! get back at me if you want directions.

news: MSN.com has nominated the Steelers vs. Ravens game this weekend, the Game of the Week to watch. not just because of the rivalry, but because each teams playoffs hopes are on the line. BIG weekend. i'm ready. =)

12-12-2008, 08:01 AM
You had to start this freakin' thread!!!!???

OK, count me about 60% pissed off, ok 75%! I was all planned up to hit the Steelers Fan Club in Tampa because we supposedly had a family Christmas party on Saturday, leaving my Sunday afternoon free.


My wife got the dates mixed up and it's this Sunday at 3pm. Who the heck looks at a calendar this late in the year - knowing that members of your family are football fans and there are huge games on - and says let's have a Christmas party on Sunday. And OH CBS is showing the broncos vs. panthers game! Really? Why?

And thanks for letting me rant!