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12-12-2008, 01:41 AM
Is Emanuel the adviser on gov tape?

MUM | Obama's chief of staff refuses to answer the question

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December 11, 2008

BY FRAN SPIELMAN (fspielman@suntimes.com) AND ABDON M. PALLASCH (apallasch@suntimes.com) Staff Reporters
President-elect Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, refused to take questions from reporters this morning about whether he was the Obama “advisor” named in the criminal complaint against Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
The complaint states Blagojevich wanted a promise of a high-level appointment or some other reward for Blagojevich in exchange for Blagojevich naming Obama’s friend Valerie Jarrett to replace him in the U.S. Senate.
Emanuel was uncharacteristically absent from Obama’s news conference this morning. He was spotted two hours later in the lobby of Chicago’s City Hall. He was there to listen to his two children performing in a concert with their school, Anshe Emet.
A Sun-Times reporter pressed him to comment about whether he was the emissary named in the criminal complaint.
“You’re wasting your time,” Emanuel said. “I’m not going to say a word to you. I’m going to do this with my children. Dont do that. I’m a father. I have two kids. I’m not going to do it.”
Asked, “Can’t you do both?” Emanuel replied, “I’m not as capable as you. I’m going to be a father. I’m allowed to be a father,” and he pushed the reporter’s digital recorder away.
Blagojevch was caught on tape saying that he wanted the Obama advisor in question to know what Blagojevich wanted in exchange for the Jarrett appointment.
Blagojevich said, “He asks me for the fifth CD thing, I want it to be in his head.” Emanuel represents the 5th Congressional District in Illinois.
No one in the Obama campaign or administration has been charged with any wrongdoing. Obama said this morning that none of his staff has had a hand in any dealmaking on his Senate replacement.


12-12-2008, 07:33 AM
Obama is an idiot for saying that no one in his cabinet had a hand in these dealings. Because if and when if comes out that Emanuel did have some dealings with the corrupt governor Obama is going to look like a complete fraud and liar. Which most of us already suspect.

12-12-2008, 10:24 PM
I am not going to throw Obama under the bus for this.

However, he needs to be smarter in how he handles these situations.

Don't make blanket statements, unless you can ABSOLUTELY back them up. . . and you can NEVER ABSOLUTELY back up those type of statements.

12-13-2008, 05:40 PM
These are the types of statements we can expect without the use of the good ole' teleprompter. If he can't have someone answer questions for him, he will be in deep crap with the media. He is already having trouble answering the tough questions.