12-14-2008, 11:22 PM
Balanced, kept with the run, short passes, and slants, clock management keep the game close, and wear them down on the last drive. What a way to get it going just in time for the palyoffs. The offensive line even looked pretty good against a great defense.

What do you guy think. many have been calling for this kinda game all year. Is it a situation where Arians finally got the picture, or was it just a fluke. Was this just a gameplan that kinda fell togehter at the right time because of the need for this kinda offense against a defense that doesn't allow big plays. Or did we finally realize that we need to play small ball as some would say to control this game? Did the Steelers just execute a gameplan they have been trying to execute all season, and were unable too, or did our gameplan change entirely.

I don't exactly know maybe you guys can help with these questions, but aside from the one play where Ben tried to force it, and a couple of dropped balls that should have been caught, and our terrible punting game, (all of which is to be expected besides the punting game which we must adress) this was a game that I believe if continued will bring us to this years Superbowl. I don't see anyone beating us if we continue playing like this. So today ,and for the remainder of this week I can rest at ease, put all my past doubts aside, and focus on our seeding. This definitely is not a week for crticism, but praise. So Praise it is Great Job Guys Can't wait until next week. Or maybe I can I will relish in this victory.

Just a side note. Expect to hear controversy on that touchdown, which was clearly a TD. However we were on a roll, and I firmly believe we would have won that game either way that call went. I also would like to say in the event of a loss I would still hold the same confidence I do now, because of the mere fact that our boys played well all the way around.

Peace & Grace Doug

Galax Steeler
12-15-2008, 03:56 AM
That was one hell of a game the steelers moved the ball when they had to our deffense stepped up that was some good steeler football.

12-15-2008, 07:22 AM
Great football game yesterday. We keep winning. I love to see this team continue to get closer and make plays when needed to win games. I am sure there will be plenty of bodies lining up for the hot tub this week.