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12-15-2008, 08:58 PM
The 2008 Steelers' defense is among the top 10 of all time
By DJ Gallo

NFL Hangover

The Pittsburgh Steelers' defense went into Sunday's game in Baltimore ranked first in the NFL in every major category.

Sixty minutes later, it had held the Ravens to nine points and had surrendered only 202 yards. Sunday was Pittsburgh's 14th consecutive game holding an opponent to less than 300 yards, tying the 1973 Rams for the longest such streak to start a season.

Clearly the Steelers have the best defense in the NFL this season. But where do they rank all time? Here's a look at my top 10.

10. 1990 New York Giants: Like all great defenses, the '90 Giants were solid against the run and the pass. But they also had the ability to send the great Lawrence Taylor after the quarterback. And Taylor also had the great idea to send female escorts after the quarterback.

9. 1991 Philadelphia Eagles: Reggie White, Jerome Brown and Clyde Simmons led a dominant Eagles defense that for years had been accused of taking bounties on opposing players. The '91 Eagles went 10-6 but missed the playoffs, and for some reason the defense never thought to take a bounty on Eagles quarterbacks Pat Ryan, Brad Goebel, Jeff Kemp and Jim McMahon.

8. 1973 Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins went undefeated in 1972, but most people forget that in '73 they won the Super Bowl again and set an NFL record by allowing only 150 points in the entire 14-game season. To this day, they pop champagne any time an NFL team plays its 15th game of the season.

7. 1971 Minnesota Vikings: The motto of The Purple People Eaters was "Meet at the quarterback." Or, wait maybe it was "Meat at the quarterback." Ahh! Cannibals!

6. 1962 Green Bay Packers: The '62 Packers' defense boasted five future Hall of Famers and surrendered just 10.8 points per game -- or four fewer than the 2008 Packers allow per quarter.

5. 1969 Kansas City Chiefs: Hank Stram's "triple stack" defense allowed an average of less than two touchdowns per game in 1969 and gave up only 20 points on the way to victory in Super Bowl IV. Since then, other teams have used players who are big proponents of the Triple Stack, but to less success.

4. 2000 Baltimore Ravens: Ray Lewis and Rod Woodson led a defense that allowed the fewest points and rushing yards in NFL history during a 16-game season. So overwhelming and intimidating was the presence of the Ravens' defense that it often managed to keep its own offense scoreless, too.

3. 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers have the No. 1-ranked defense in the NFL this season across the board. But they need their own nickname. "The Steel Curtain" was the '70s Steelers. Using it again is like being a cover band. Or even worse: a cover band of a hair band.

2. 1985 Chicago Bears: The Mike Singletary-led defense didn't give up a point in the playoffs until surrendering 10 in a 46-10 victory over the Patriots in the Super Bowl, exposing every opponent's weaknesses along the way. Who knows how many opposing coaches that team caused to drop their pants?

1. 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh had great defenses throughout the '70s. But the '76 squad was the best, surrendering only 28 points in the final nine games of the season. If only the Three Rivers Stadium security was as tough to breach back then. Arrest that kid! He is in a players-only area!

(I would agree with this list and the 2008 defense may yet overtake the Chicago Defense but it is not as good as the Steelers 1976 defense.

The 1976 Steelers had three consecutive shutouts and did not permit a single point in five of their final nine games, a stretch in which only one opponent (Houston, in a 32-16 Steelers win) scored in double figures. One Steelers opponent scored six points and two others scored three. That 1976 defense gave up the fewest points, yards rushing and total yards in the NFL but was third in fewest yards passing.

Here is a youtube video if you want to see how good they were and features Lambert. It broke my heart that year when Rocky and Franco were both knocked out with injuries. http://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/2008/5/22/534339/story-title - mesa)

12-15-2008, 10:23 PM
Cmon, they say that before the season ends, you know thats bs. Ravens are number 3 no doubt

12-15-2008, 10:41 PM
Damnit. I didn't want to see an article like this. I hope the team isn't seeing this and reading this crap. Wait until the season ends.

12-15-2008, 11:43 PM
Damnit. I didn't want to see an article like this. I hope the team isn't seeing this and reading this crap. Wait until the season ends.

Truly great teams don't fall prey to jinxes or superstitions. That's what makes them great. Let the pundits write what they will. In the end this team will have to decide what mark they want to leave. If they truly are worthy of all of this attention, then getting it is not going to phase them one bit.

12-16-2008, 07:22 AM
Damnit. I didn't want to see an article like this. I hope the team isn't seeing this and reading this crap. Wait until the season ends.

I would not worry about it. If anything this will make the Steelers D even more competitive. After all the players know where they rank and I'm sure they want to be the best of all time.

12-16-2008, 08:09 AM
That last thing I am worried about is the players reading press clippings. The defense will continue to play at a high level.