View Full Version : Steelers ALL-TIME (unofficial) Tackles leader?!?!

12-20-2008, 08:36 AM
This may take some minor research...I'm looking for the Steelers all-time Franchise Tackle leaders. Knowing tackles aren't an official stat; I also know the coaches have kept records since at least 1972. I'm curious because as Jack Lambert being my favorite player- I've deduced he accumulated 1,479 (1,045 solo) during his tenure. I came to this conclusion because in the 1984 Media Guide (After Lambert's 10th year in the league), it states that Lambert has averaged 146 tackles per season with an average of 103 per season solo. Meaning of course, that after 10 seasons Lambert Accumulated 1,460 total tackles with 1,030 being solo. And I know he had 19 his final season because of the injury with 15 being solo. I am also aware of his tackle totals for a few seasons those being : 1978 (184), 1979 (165), 1980 (143), 1981 (187-which I figure is the single season record for the Steelers), 1982 (77 strike- shortened), 1983 (159) and 1984, (19). Before 1978 I was really hoping SOMEONE might be able to shed some light...

I mostly ask because James Farrior has been prolific as of late and I feel Farrior is the most consistently ACTIVE Middle/Inside 'Backer (besides Kirkland) SINCE Lambert. Earl Holmes had a couple good years as well.