View Full Version : Myron Cope and Me

01-11-2009, 11:53 AM
since there has been a few threads about Myron Cope and the Terrible Towel, i figured i would share with you fellow Cope and Steeler lovers my story on how i know Myron Cope.

for anyone who lives in that area, they would probable be more familiar with the company called A Better Choice Basement Waterproofing. it's based out of North Huntington on Route 30. it's between McKeesport and Greensburg.

anyways, my Uncle Rick Pack owns this business and it has since flourished ten fold since Myron Cope was used during his commercial and advertising for the business. does anyone remember the commercial with Myron in the raincoat!!? yeah, that was my Uncle's ad for his business. how cool is that!?

well...it gets better. i got to meet the man...VERY breifly when my Uncle came to my local mall to spread the word about his business and Myron came with him to talk to people about basement waterproofing. Myron comes with my Uncle and he introduces me, "this is my nephew, Jake." he says, "nice to meet you son." shakes my hand and leaves! haha! a brief encounter with Cope...and i'll always remember it. =)

check out my Uncle's business at http://abetterchoiceinc.reachlocal.net/ourstaff.html. the people in this link are my Aunt, Uncle, and my cousing Anthony. enjoy.

sorry, i can't find a link for the video of Myron in the actual commercial. anyone willing to help? do it to it.