View Full Version : Steeler Fans...We Attract Attention All The Time!

01-19-2009, 05:46 AM
I know most all of you have been through this...
Ever notice when you wear your Steelers gear out to public places, people always strike up a conversation or acknowledge you? There hasn't been one time were I've went out in my jerseys, jackets, hat, or any gear repping the Steelers were it didn't attract conversation, or acknowledgement from total strangers. Even on the road, if another car or truck is near you with Steeler Logos, they make sure to hit the horn and acknowledge their fellow Steelers Fanatic.
Just yesterday before both games my girlfriend, an Eagles fan, and I hit the Supermarket, and Mall. I live in north Delaware, which is considered the I 95 corridor between that of PA, MD...Right in the middle of Philly and Baltimore, of course we were hard repping out respected teams. The SteelerNation is HUGE here as well. So here you have a Steelers Fanatic and an Eagles Fanatic walking in and out of stores. Both dressed in Jerseys over hoodies, team gloves, hats..etc...etc... We couldn't count the number of "GO Steelers, Go Eagles, Wow, how does it work out between the two of you on Game day" comments and conversations we got. One guy even called us "A Walking Super Bowl," as he passed us in the mall. Well, he was half right ...Sorry Babe, an all Pennsylvania Bowl would have been great.

What all this shows most is that America simply loves the game. They say Baseball is America's Favorite past time sport. Well , I think that's only still being said out of tradition. Football is definately America's favorite. Something about us Steelers Fans, when we see eachother, where ever it may be, its like acknowledging family. Simple head knods, Fist pumps, "GO Steelers yell outs"...Makes you feel good about being a member of the Steeler Nation. I can only imagine the acknowledgements over the next two weeks among fellow Steelers Fans :tt02::tt02::tt02: