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01-19-2009, 08:17 AM
(posted in the blast forum because my hatred of the Rats is palapable, and I know I can't keep curses and insults out of my post).

They were about what I expected, a team that's about 2-3 TD's inferior to us. I figured we would be getting the calls yesterday because the reasonable conspiracy theory would be to keep the Rats (one of the leagues least popular teams with one of the smallest fan bases) OUT of the Super Bowl, especially now that a team with an even smaller fan base was repping the NFC.

This was clearly not the case.

I was DISGUSTED to see the blatant and horrendous officiating in yesterdays game, and I'm wondering WHEN will the bias against the Steelers stop? Tomlin is super classy and quiet even when the calls are obviously clearly going against us, so why do we keep getting screwed? Am I bitching and complaining? Yes. But I think it's legit.

We're up 13-0. It's clear that we are just a way better team than the Ravens, and that yesterday was our game. But a few key penalties and the filthy Ratpukes were right back in it. First off, the bullshit unneccessary roughness call on Kemo. I guess that call could be made, but not in THIS game, and especially not after one of our lineman was PUNCHED in RETALIATION earlier in the game RIGHT in front of a ref. No flag. Kemo's push was a football play, the punch was not. That call was a steaming pile of horseshit, and it backed us into a 3rd and 19 deep in our own territory.

Next up was the punt return by Leonhard. There were two clear illegal blocks not called, and thanks to that, the Rats were ste up to get at least 3. Ike CLEARLY did interfere so that was a good call, but the previous two were not.

Sure, we got the make-up call on the punt (that was not roughing the kicker) but the net result was about the same. The Rats are a good enough team to score 1 TD on us, and we shot ourselves in the foot a few times, but giving the Baltirats 7 to keep them in the game sucks. It kept their hopes up, and in a game that close, one key flukey play could make a big difference.

I don't think any amount of poor officiating will effect the outcome of the Super Bowl, as we are just in a whole other league than the Cards, but I'm praying next year that this almost 20 year stigma of shitty and biased reffing against us comes to an end.

OK, I feel better now.

Oh, and Eff You Ratpukes! You are our little bitches and we own you forever.

tony hipchest
01-19-2009, 11:03 AM

im with you bro. if im gonna bitch about poor officiating after a loss, im gonna keep it consistant and bitch after a win.

the refs were consistant in their lack of holding calls. unfortunately it has gotten so out of hand they cant call it.

if the cardinals were to get flagged for holding harrison, they would have a legitimate gripe that it hasnt been called all season and the refs were picking on them.

the pass interference on taylor to give them a gift td was bs too. theres no faceguarding in the nfl and the qb cant just throw the ball into the back of a defender with hopes of drawing a flag. this is the nfl... not target practice.

01-19-2009, 11:29 AM
The Rats were gonna be given 7 points regardless...have to keep them in the game and avoid the blowout...