View Full Version : tv footage of brownfan bodyslam

tony hipchest
12-26-2005, 03:11 PM
i finally saw a clip of this on cnn headline news. hilarious!!!!

this dude (after chasing verron) actually turned his back on the steelers bench and made a gesture kind of swiping his legs or grabbing his pockets as if to say "bring it on" to the rest of the steelers who were on the field. bad mistake turning his back on the steelers bench.

1 steeler said if theres 1 person you dont want to antagonize or mess with its james harrison. i think hes earned a payraise!

lol! i just saw this again thanks to figs post AND cnn headline news coincidentally showed it as i was editing this post. i got it recorded with my other steeler highlights. it looks like the fan was actually motionning at kenard lang! good job lang by trying to get him 1st. they said 3 fans scaled the wall at the same time. security got the other 2 before they got on the field.

2 out of three aint bad i guess. atleast there WAS security

12-26-2005, 03:21 PM
Here ya go.. Enjoy !!! :grin: :tt: