View Full Version : SB43 is outdoor, Cards to pick uniforms

01-20-2009, 07:59 AM
Who decides the home team in a Super Bowl?

Even years - AFC
Odd years - NFC

So since the NFC will be the "home" team in Super Bowl XLIII, Arizona will most likely choose to wear their "dark" uniforms.

But the game at Tampa is at an open stadium, so if it is hot, the Cardinals may choose the cooler whites, putting Pittsburgh in their home field Black jerseys.

Now what is confusing to me is that Arizona's home/darks and away/whites can be quite similar:

- red shirt, white pants (worn in last game vs. Steelers)
- red/white shirt, white pants
- red/white shirt, red pants
- red shirt, red pants (didn't use this season)

(None of this really matters, I am just bored at work)

Go Steelers!

01-20-2009, 08:06 AM
We are having a cold front moving through the area (Tampa) this week and it's going to be down in the low 30's. I am hoping the weather warms back up a little before the big game. Either way, it will be warmer than in Pittsburgh and the Steelers should have no problem adapting to the weather and spanking the Cardinals.