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01-20-2009, 08:35 PM
DC Cheers Obama And The Steelers
by Salena Zito

WASHINGTON -- The nation's capital has not only been transformed into Obama-lapozza with supporters crowding every patch of grass, sidewalk, national moment and Starbucks, it is also jammed packed with Steelers fans.

Working my way out of the Senate Russell Building on Capitol Hill, I was surrounded by so many people geared up in Black and Gold it was hard to catch up with them to get their names.

The young lady in the photo below was from Tulsa, Okla., she's never been to Pittsburgh or met Obama but she was a faithful fan to both.

Tulsa Oklahoma Steeler fans lined outside of the Russell Senate Building to pick up their Inaugural tickets

Last night during the nail-biting game against the Baltimore Ravens
a team whose home is a stone throw away from here, "The Big Hunt" in DuPont Circle was packed to capacity with Steelers fans, only a handful of Ravens faithful sat near the door. Which was probably good for them, they made a quick exit after the Troy Polamalu interception/touchdown.

And yesterday afternoon on what Debra Gloster of Penn Hills called the Obama 'Love Train' she and her friends, Yvonne Godbolt, Eunice Steward and husband Clarence Steward donned what fashion critics may begin to call "Obama-Steeler" chic.

Debra Gloster Eunice Stewart Clarence Stewart and Yvonne Godbolt waiting for the 'Love Train'

It has always been my experience that there is zero degrees of separation in all things Pittsburgh. From London to Wales, Scotland, Mexico, Canada and all 47 states that I have traveled through, there has never been a moment when I have not run into someone that is either from Pittsburgh, has lived in Pittsburgh or is at least a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan.

One thing that is certain: if I were Dan Rooney, president of the Pittsburgh Steelers and huge supporter of Barack Obama, I'd make sure that the new President was a fan of the black-and-gold. Based not on our great defense, but because Obama supporters seem overwhelmingly in favor of Rooney's gritty team.

But that's just me, and it's one of the rare subjects where I can show complete, unfiltered in-your-face bias.

Salena Zito is a Tribune-Review Political Reporter