View Full Version : Camp This Year. KARMA

01-21-2009, 04:29 PM
This is a pretty funny story and my friend just reminded me of it. So i go to latrobe a few times a year and was there opening day this year.

I usually dont bother getting stuff signed that much cause im 26 and feel kinda childish. So i bought a ball and figured i would give it to my little cousin (6yrs old) and if i got lucky maybee get a 2nd stringer to sign it for him or something. (cause i know he is just gonna play with it and not keep it)
But i met up with some kids from where i played pee wee football. They took some of the younger kids out to see practice. And was pointing out technique to them with lineman practicing.

So before i know it i ended up along the ropes in a pretty good spot for Autograph's.

I got Ben, Hines, Casey Hampton, Marvel Smith, Carey Davis and Polamalu on a ball. During all this i kept letting kids in front of me and making sure the players would get them first and eventually lost my spot in line from the mayhem. And a lady behind me was like thats so nice you did that its good Karma. I said well maybee it will give us Karma for a super bowl season. We chuckled and parted ways. I was pumped for the ball and never did give it to my little cousin like intended. He is only 6 he will destroy it.

Now i highly doubt that was why we are here today but i seen the coach of the pee wee team and he reminded me of the story.

Just thought i would share it.