View Full Version : Polamalu Almost Not a Steeler.

01-22-2009, 12:37 AM
I was reading the other thread about Troy and was gonna put this on here. I just figured i woul put this up. Some of you may know this. Others may not.

Not sure if anyone remembers this but we almost did not get Troy. In all actuality we figured the Patriots would take him but opted to hold on to Rodney Harrison and they traded up and took. Ty Warren. The Bear's then took Michael Haynes, and the Eagles took Jeremy Mcdougle cause they felt they didnt need a safety. So the Steelers Traded up to get Troy. If one of those teams took Troy or We didnt trade up we would have probably ended up with PSU RB Larry Johnson. On the steeler draft sheets we never felt it was possible for Troy to slip to us. But took up the chance once the Pat's past.

In the 2nd round of this draft we took Alonzo Jackson. We released him in 05 and since he has played for 2 teams and is currently a free agent. Here is some played we could have taken instead. Lance Briggs, Kevin Curtis, Terrence Mcgee, Assante Samuel, Jason Witten, Dan Koppen.
Anguan Boldin was taken 5 picks before Alonzo Jackson. This is also the draft that got us Ike Taylor in the 4th round.

Leftwich was also the 7th overall pick in this draft and he is in a Steelers Uniform now.