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01-22-2009, 08:18 PM
...* To prove how random a coin toss really is, you only need one stat: 21. In the 42 previous Super Bowls, the coin has landed 21 times on heads and 21 times on tails. Throw out any notion that one side of the coin might weigh more or that coin flips aren't completely random or that tails never fails. Coin tosses are absolutely a 50-50 chance, or in this case, a 21-21 chance.

* The team to win the coin toss has a losing record in the Super Bowl of 20-22, but the "winners" have had even less success recently. In the last 12 tosses, the winner of the toss was the loser of the game in nine of those contests. The Giants won the toss and the game last year, breaking a four game losing streak for teams that won the toss.

* The NFC has won the last 11 tosses and is 28-14 all-time in calling the correct side of the coin.

* The team to win the toss has always chosen to receive, and if for some reason your sports book offers a prop related to this, it seems like a good bet that the team to win the coin toss will continue this trend. As a few commenters have pointed out, we completely overlooked the new rule which allows teams to defer on the opening toss, so it will be interesting to see if the Super Bowl gets its first defer call in history...


Thought it might be interesting 4 some of you guys.

01-22-2009, 10:47 PM
Thought it might be interesting 4 some of you guys.

I think a standard coin (at least in the US) is slightly more likely to come up tails, but you ahve to flip it about 10,000 times to notice the difference.