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01-22-2009, 10:14 PM
Ryan Clark on Willis McGahee Hit: 'I Had a Little Headache'
Posted Jan 22nd 2009 12:20 PM by Michael David Smith (author feed)
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Steelers safety Ryan Clark and Ravens running back Willis McGahee had one of the most violent collisions you'll ever seen on a football field during the AFC Championship. But while McGahee spent Sunday night in the hospital, Clark says that to him, it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Clark talked to reporters Wednesday:

"I had a little headache, but I have a headache after every game. Nothing really too much different than any other week."

Clark won't be fined for the hit, which the league said was perfectly legal. And he says he's bothered that anyone even suggested he did anything wrong.

"The hit shouldn't even had to have been reviewed," Clark said. "He has the ball, I turned to the side, he sees me, tries to go down a little bit and we have a hard collision. So many people gave their opinions on it that don't even know the rules."

Clark was on the practice field Wednesday and will start against the Cardinals in the Super Bowl.

01-23-2009, 06:14 AM
I would be surprised he didn't have a headache after that big hit. Great to see Clark and McGahee are both alright. And it definitely sounds like Clark is speaking to the Rat fans with his knowing the rules comment.

01-23-2009, 06:14 AM
It sounds like he was talking to Florio.