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01-23-2009, 10:04 AM
While I am not going to say that what they did was'nt an accomplishment in the play-offs, I will say that the Cardinals DID NOT STOP THE RUN. All you hear is how the Arizona defense has stopped the vaulted Michael Turner and the Dual Threats of Carolina. But if you take a closer look at those games it becomes clear that they didnt stop the run.

Against Atlanta they jumped out early due to an INT by a rookie QB Matt Ryan. Micheal Turner did break some decent runs, but ATL time and time again made costly mistakes and the most inopportune times...false starts, Holding,and INT's. Due to this Atlanta was forced to Pass more to try and come back in the game. It was still close and they almost won, but I feel Atlanta played a bit above themselves all year and it finally caught up with them.

Carolina game. Same sort of thing happened here but on a much larger scale. Arizona made tons of plays on Delhomes Horrible play to the likes of 5 INTs and one fumble. 41 of the Panthers 75 rushing yards came on the first drive of the game in which the Panthers scored. Then Delhome happened. Fumble, Pick 6, and the run game became a non factor. Yet the Panthers still averaged 5.0 yards per carry.....hardly a run game that was shut down.

Philly game....well lets face it, Philly doesnt run the ball all that much...combine that with trailing most of the game and you get a pass happy team that just keeps flinging it, YET they still manage 5.4 yards per carry. 3 costly turn overs are the reason they lost a game they should have won.

Again I am not saying that the Cardinals defense isnt playing well in the play-offs. They arent playing anywhere near the Steelers level other than the take aways. They also havent faced a defense as dominate as the Steelers. Now one could argue that the Eagles have a dominate defense and that is correct, but the reason I say they havent faced on like ours is because Philly is a known blitzing team, thats how they get pressure. While the Steelers blitz as well they are able to get pressure only rushing 4 and dropping 7. This will pose problems for Warner because he is great at getting the ball out, but if he doesnt have that easy out (becuase were not bringing the house every play) the easy out wont be there as often as it was against philly because we arent blitzing 7 guys.

I just I am just ranting because I am stick of hearing how a 9-7 team with a mediocre defense all year, is somehow a juggernat when it comes to stopping the run. We all know that us running the ball is the key to victory, but all the press wants to do is say how Arizona is so good because during the play-off they stopped the run. I say ney ney, they didnt stop the run at all, the other teams had no choice but to pass as they were behind.

Now we may not have the best offense in the league, but what we do seem to have ATM is a team that isnt turing the ball over or making tons of mistakes. Ben and that offense knows its not thier show, and that all they need to do is play smart football and let the defense do its thing.

It may be a game for a bit while nerves are being settled, but in the end I see this game decided in the third Quarter when we put it out of reach and make Arizone one dimentional.