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01-24-2009, 07:24 PM

Legends: The better team, Pittsburgh, will take the trophy
January 24, 2009

Sporting News Today has joined forces with the Legends Football Coaches Association, whose members have shared their unique perspective throughout the season. Today, former NFL coaches Dan Reeves and Marty Schottenheimer analyze the Super Bowl matchup.

Steelers or Cardinals?

Reeves: I think it is going to be a good game. However, if I had to pick one, I would have to pick the Steelers because I think that they are a better defensive team while I think the Cardinals are a better offensive team. Defense usually wins out in those situations. I still think that it will boil down to turnovers. So I will have to pick the Steelers.

Schottenheimer: I'll pick the Steelers. Pittsburgh is so battletested this year, coming from behind in a number of games in the fourth quarter. Although the Ravens and Chargers were able to stop the Steelers' running game with the defenses they played, I think the Steelers will be able to run on the Cardinals. Arizona can neutralize Pittsburgh's pass rush, but I think the Steelers will have the rushing edge and they have Ben Roethlisberger throwing. I think Pittsburgh is the better overall team and will prevail.

Who do you think will be the difference-maker in the game?

Reeves: I think it will be the quarterback for the winning team. The quarterback who has the least pressure on him should be the difference. If the Steelers' defense does not get Warner out of rhythm, then they will be in some serious trouble.

Schottenheimer: Quarterbacks aside, I think Willie Parker will be the difference-maker. He will run the ball effectively, and this will allow Big Ben to throw more effectively. It will also wind time off the clock and keep the Cardinal offense off the field.

What's your most memorable Super Bowl moment?

Reeves: It was probably when we won it in 1971 when I was with the Cowboys. We had been so close for many years and to finally win it and beat Miami was amazing. I was a player-coach then.

Schottenheimer: Unfortunately, in my long career, I never made it as a player or a coach. But I remember being in Miami for the Jets-Colts Super Bowl in 1969. Joe Namath and I were friends from western Pennsylvania. I saw him at his hotel early in the week before the game, and he was watching film on the Colts. He kept telling me, "We can do this to the Colts and we can do that." He was very confident that they would win. It was exciting for us AFL guys. I was on the Buffalo Bills then. We were looked upon as the weak sister and it really felt good to get that win for the AFL.

Hines Ward (knee) and Anquan Boldin (hamstring) are going to play through injuries. What's the toughest injury you ever played through?

Reeves: I think for me being a running back, it is, without a doubt, the groin. I had my knees taped up and other things and that was certainly difficult. But I think for a running back when you have to make cuts and everything, you can play with a hamstring and you can play with your knees and so forth, but a groin injury is tough on a running back. I only had it one time, though. I think you've seen that injury affecting LaDainian Tomlinson in recent years. He instinctively wants to cut, but the injured groin won't let him do it.

Schottenheimer: I never had any minor injuries that kept me out. I never had anything that I had to play through. I did break my arm once, but I couldn't play through that. It was in 1967 against Miami in a game played in Tampa. I was with the Patriots and I went to tackle a guy and his face mask hit my forearm and broke it. I was lucky because that was my only professional football injury.

The Steelers are favorites to win the Super Bowl. What's the one thing about them that makes you think they might not win?

Reeves: Well, if they have to punt a lot, then I think that certainly favors the Cardinals. Their punter hasn't looked very good. The other thing is that I don't think they have been consistent in running the football. I don't think that, as good as a team as they are, they can really throw the ball as well as a team like the Cardinals can. I think that if they can't get anything going (in the running game), then they may run into trouble.

Schottenheimer: Two things might worry me. Pittsburgh must get its running game going. They need to beat the Cards in the time of possession part of the game. If they can't run effectively, then it will put a lot of pressure on the passing game. The other problem could be that they might not get to Warner with the pass rush. If the Cardinals can force the edge rushers out just a bit, it will give Warner enough time to get the ball out before those rushers can get to him. If he gets the ball out, he's very dangerous.

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01-24-2009, 08:01 PM
Lol did Schottenheimer just say Chargers stopped our running game?

I caught that too - ROFLMAO!!!! :laughing::rofl:

146 AND 2 TD's for FWP. Yep, Marty - SD sure stopped our running game. :doh: Me thinks that California sun baked his brain.

01-24-2009, 11:27 PM
I wouldnt at all be surprised if Jr. (Ben) doesnt take offense to all this talk of Warner and the shadow cast by the Steeler defense and breaks out and has a stellar game with a near record QB rating............you just know he's itchin to erase that supbar performance from the last Super Bowl in 05.