View Full Version : What would Myron say?

01-25-2009, 12:19 AM
Thought maybe it would be interesting for everyone to show their respect for Myron and try to write something as he would. I realize I'm not good at this, but would like to see others.

The Bowl of Bowls is here once again
The Second in 3 years, Black and Gold will attend.

The opponent will fall with all kind of woes.
In Tampa Bay, for the Bowl of the Bowls.

The Steelers will bring the Iron Curtain down,
They'll bring back six to the Big Steel Town.

No Terry, No Franco, No Swann will you see,
Just Ben, and Ward and Heath and Willeeee.

The defense is real, that's what they all say,
And you will believe it Feb first in the Bay.

We know they are Black, we know they are Gold,
The Birds have all lost, and the Cardinals will fold.

Mike came in and continued the quest,
six now, six more, the Steelers are best.

Now is the time to remember our team,
The Black and the Gold will deliver our dream.