View Full Version : Steelers Offense vs a 4-3 defense.

El-Gonzo Jackson
01-26-2009, 09:45 AM
Looking back over this season I noticed that while we face a lot of 3-4 fronts....we see even more 4-3 defenses. Our 5 wins against the Texans, Redskins, Jags, Bengals and 4 losses against the Colts, Giants, Eagles, Titans......were all against teams that play a 4-3. On the other hand we swept the 3-4 teams.

I think one part is familiarity with that kind of defense. I think the other thing is that having a DT over our inconsistent guards has caused problems. IMO, Stapleton is this years version of Sean Mahan, a guy that isnt that strong to handle nose tackles, but can play adequate at guard. Kemo looked to be thinking a lot early in the season, but is a run blocking monster when he knows what he is doing.

My honest hope is to see Stapleton pull to the left a lot and even use Miller in a double pulling formation that Arians-Zeirline have used. Put an extra 550 lbs of blockers right at the Cardinals undersized side of Darnell Dockett and Travis LaBoy. Of course we can pull Kemo around too to the right, but I think Dockett and Laboy are too small to matchup against a couple 330 lb guys like Starks and Kemo.

We had troubles with some 4-3 lines, but IMO, the Giants, Eagles, Jags, Texans and Redskins front 4 was tougher than the Cardinals.

01-26-2009, 10:34 AM
Im not sure if it was so much the 4-3 or the quality of those team defenses. It will definately help them in stopping the run. But open up a lot in the passing game. With the cardinals secondary i welcome that seam. I have a big feeling the steelers are gonna be the ones throwing the ball all over for the good portion of the game.

Pi Kapp Steeler
01-26-2009, 10:38 AM
Way to point hta out Gonzo. To be honest the only game that I truly think that if you were to look back on the season the only team that really BEAT us were the Eagles and the Titans. The Giants and Colts game , I feel that the Steelers beat them selves. That being said I think running alot of draws with Willie and Moore will take care of the 4-3 . The will only have 3 LBs to respond to the run. Another thing that i want to see , that i would think well against the 4-3 is more bootlegs. Get those 4 line man moving and get them tired, and the LBs have to come up to contain to which should free up some space down the middle of the field.

IF! we use a FB in our running came , I believe that we could tear their front 7 apart. Docket will get blown off the line by our center our gard, and McHugh will get the pursuing ILB. Only IF! we used a FB

Hopefully arians will have something to take advatange of undersized dockett. Please bruce no naked screens out of the 5 wrs set! please stop doing that!!:doh:

01-26-2009, 11:20 AM
The Steelers had no problems moving the ball on the Colts.. They were done in more by Ben's turnovers than the Colts D. It's not so much of the type of front the Steelers face, it's the quality of the Defense.

The Titans, Giants and Eagles all have very good top 10 defenses. Not Steelers or Ravens good, but good D's nonetheless. The Steelers have been playing good defenses most of the year.

01-26-2009, 05:49 PM
The Steelers had no problems moving the ball on the Colts..

actually we struggled with the run. memo had 24 carries for 57 yds, which is 2.4 ypc....