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01-28-2009, 09:07 AM
Coach Whiz has always had a trick or two up his sleeve as far as the gadget play goes. It stands to reason that there will be at least one of these plays called to try and steal momentum at some point in the game. I have nothing but the greatest respect for Coach LeBeau, and so will whiz, but do you think there is going to be some part of the Steelers defense he will try and expose?

I feel the Steelers D has played awesome this year...no question, and one of the main reasons for that, I see, is that every man accepts his role and responsibility. Stay with you assignment. Keep in your gap. Maintain outside leverage. Keep the play in front of you. These are a few things that describe the discipline it takes to be a part of the "system". This is why I feel that even if something tricky gets called, the Steelers will be prepared.

On the other hand, does anyone think that Arians will try to counter with a trick of his own? I know he has called some reverses and double reverses, but I don't think his bag of tricks is as deep. I guess he could always call one of whizs' old plays against him for old times sake.

Any thoughs?

Man, am I ready for some Steelers football. :tt03:

01-28-2009, 09:14 AM
I think he will try to call it if they are playing too agrressively against the cards, but LeBau will be ready and I hope the players will be as well. I would love for arians to call one of his own and rub it in Whiz's face but i douct it will happen.