View Full Version : Cardinals and Steelers Have One Thing in Common.....JESSICA ALBA

01-30-2009, 12:26 PM
The Toughest Question of Super Bowl Week: Hug or Tackle?


The Super Bowl is a time for love and a time for hits. Sarah Spain catches up with the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers to ask, "Who would you hug and who would you tackle"? The people range from hunky QB Tony Romo to sultry actress Jessica Alba. Heck, even Sarah gets to share in all the good feelings.

Nothing Gets Past the "Steal" Curtain, But is that Fair


In this fun and entertaining feature, Sarah Spain and the Arizona Cardinals wonder if Pittsburgh is really the home of the "Steal" Curtain. There's a reason the Pittsburgh Steelers are such a renowned organization and it may have something to do with a hidden secret. What's in a name? Well, maybe more than we may think.