View Full Version : My own personal key matchup.

01-30-2009, 08:15 PM
This is the biggest factor in the game. We have all took jabs at them all week. Making sure they know how big Steeler Nation is. So now im making it a matchup.

The Steelers Fans vs Cardinals Fans.

We all know we will dominate the stands at the super bowl 4-1 maybee worse, not to mention 4 times more vocal.

5 Key factors that help from crowd noise.

1. The cardinals defensive line is a key part of what they call defense. Whenever a D Linemen cant get a feel for a snap count and hear it for that matter it makes it really hard to get off the ball and this makes things a lot easier for our O-Line. Not to mention hopefully they can draw up a few encroachment calls.

2. Arizona may come out in the hurry up and will definately make coverage adjustments on the line. This is pretty hard to do when 40,000 members of Steeler Nation are going wild in the stance.

3. Momentum If the Steelers make a big play it means that much more because the stands are gonna be a rocking. And if the momentum swings to Arizona some D-Fense D-Fense chats from the Steelers Crazies will help turn that around

4. False Starts on offense, nothing is a drive killer like a 5 yard offsides play. They are gonna have to be carefull with the snap count allowing our defenders to get that much more of a rush. Look for a lot of pressure up the middle right at Kurt Warners face more than off the edge.

5. The cardinals play like hell on the road. For all of these reasons above. Its gonna be pretty intimidating when they see a sea of black and gold coming out of the tunnel.

This is as close as these fans are gonna get to putting the pads out there and getting on the field themselves. So if you or someone you know is going to Tampa make sure they are going apeshit when Steelers are playing D. And quting down the 4 cards fans when we are on Offense. Lets show them what Steelers Nation is all about we are more than Part Time Message Board analysts.