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02-02-2009, 05:02 AM
Sometime earlier in the season, I posted that I thought Ben was a really good QB, but not quite elite. Don't ask for the link, because I really don't remember, nor do I care to try to find it through the myriad of items that have popped up just in the last 12 hours...let alone the last 12 weeks.

I don't know that I was wrong (at the time) but he certainly did what Elite quarterback were supposed to do when you're down by 3 with 2+ minutes left to play last night.

I knew he was the most dangerous QB, when on the move, in the NFL...but last nights game (particularly the last drive) was simply superb.

It is official. Ben is an Elite QB. I will argue in his defense from this point on.

Now I'll bow out for a little while...whilst you enjoy your well deserved celebration.