View Full Version : Steelers OLB Woodley has proven a quick study as coverage guy

02-02-2009, 06:10 AM
Steelers OLB Woodley has proven a quick study as coverage guy

Feb. 1, 2009

AFC Whispers

Steelers LOLB LaMarr Woodleyís transition from a defensive end in a 4-3 scheme to star 3-4 outside linebacker in a span of two seasons has been nothing short of impressive. Woodley has also been able to hold up in coverage ó part of the outside linebackerís job that often goes forgotten until itís not done well. ďThis year Iíve covered receivers, Iíve covered tight ends, and Iíve covered backs out of the backfield,Ē Woodley said in the week leading up to Super Bowl XLIII. ďThatís just something that we have to do, and when you know you have to do it, you just do it. You donít think about it, just do it. When you think about it, thatís when you get beat.Ē

02-02-2009, 07:41 AM
Woodley has been a stud this season and we are really lucky to have him. And to think this was his first season as a starting OLB on this defense. He also continued his 2 sack per game playoff streak. It's now at 4 games and counting. Great job Woodley :tt02:

02-02-2009, 07:59 AM
Well, and I may be wrong, but I think Harrison and Woodley's contract is up next year. It would be prudent and fically responsible to sign them now, before each racks ups a year of 15 sacks each in 2009.
With timmons taking over for Foote and Farriorr here for a couple more, it would be good to know our linebakers are here for the next 5-7 years.