View Full Version : 10 Personal observations from the Superbowl.

02-02-2009, 10:03 AM
10 Personal observations from the Superbowl.

1) I made the right call in not going anywhere are letting anyone besides immediate family and close friends watch the game with me....it ROCKS to see and hear the whole game without interruption

2) I almost wanted to give Colon the MVP for not jumping offsides...I dont believe I heard his name all night.

3) You can raise a son from birth to bleed black and gold...but if given the choice to watch the game with his old man, or spend it with other teenagers...Dads need to know that 15 year old girls will always trump 43 year old fathers. (they did when I was 15 also)

4) The Super Bowl caps this year look like a Seahawk fan threw up on them.

5) I think last night we saw phase 1 of the transition from Ward to Holmes....and a little maturation in the process.

6) BBQ is better on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year...(and God created blue cheese dressing as the perfect compliment to hot wings)

7) All those people who called me right after the Cardinals scored and pulled ahead...can kiss my big hairy a$$.

8) Get ready for the haters, whiners, and malcontents to join the forum this coming year. They will be easily recognizable...their names will be highlighted in "envy-green"

9) I saw nothing in this Super Bowl that changes my mind about taking Mack with the #32 pick. (Was it me or did Stapleton look like nothing more than a road bump to Dockett all night?)

10) If wasnt hard enough for us displaced Steelers Fans to get merchandise....it will be darn near impossible now...(going to have to put in an order for my Harrison jersey today!!!!!!!!!!)