View Full Version : Ben-Holmes Impression of Warner-Fitz Connection. Sweet irony and beauty.

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02-02-2009, 10:12 AM
Who would have thought that after seeing Fitz make an unbelievable, acrobatic catch of an intentionally placed pass by the beast that was Kurt Warner, that Big Ben Roethlisberger would push the envelope even more by placing a pass where Holmes literally had to extend his arms into the air, and his tipoes to the ground to make the game winning reception? The Holmes reception was even more dramatic because Big Ben and Holmes had just missed on completing a pass that would have also put you in the mind of a Warner-Fitz connection.

Listen, Steelers fans. Ben had already earned a ring in his sophomore season, but the way that Ben and Holmes drove down the field in what was---for all practical purposes---a two man show of destiny and desire was just a beautiful piece of football fit for the ages.

Everyone knew intellectually that the Steelers could win after seeing Warner and Fitz do their magic, but few people could have foreseen Holmes and Ben besting Warner and Fitzgerald at their own game after what had already occurred in the game, the playoffs and the season. Perhaps, Ben and Ward maybe, but not Ben and Holmes. Even though the old venerable Ward (my fellow DAWG) may be closer to retirement than not, the emergence of Holmes and the affirmation of Big Ben is confirmation that the Steelers will continue to be the best organization in football for years to come.

Could it be that with one drive that Ben and Holmes have truly become eternal icons of Steeler nation? Perhaps it's too early to make the case, but their drive (pun intended) is the stuff from which legends are born.