View Full Version : The Steelers have more Super Bowls than the Cardinals have playoff victories!

02-02-2009, 10:24 AM
OK, I'm not one to rub things in after a victory - but after seeing all the whiners on the Cardinals (and Cowboys) forums - it's just ridiculous.

Biggest boneheaded thing is all the whining about the "lack of a review" on Warner's last fumble. ALL plays are monitored in the last two minutes of a half. They can quickly view slo-mo replays of any close calls and only call down for further review with an official review if more time is needed to make the call.

It wasn't necessary for the fumble - which was clearly a fumble. He did not have control when he started moving his arm forward. He simply catapulted the ball forward, he did not "pass" the ball.

So to all the Cards whiners - the thread title is true. The Steelers have moreSuper Bowl championships in their 76 years than the Cardinals have playoff wins in their 89 years.

Suck it!