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02-02-2009, 07:32 PM
Such a great poem!

The Best Game Of All
By Dave Crawley

Nobody said it was going to be easy.
That hearts wouldn't pound and stomachs turn queasy.
But somehow the black and gold march down the field.
To Russell. He's in! But the Cardinals won't yield.

Arizona strikes back with the stunning Fitzgerald
Cardinal fans, both of them, hope it will herald
The start of a dynasty wrapped up in red.
One yard for the lead. We shudder with dread.

It's picked off by Harrison! Sweet slice of heaven!
We'll end the first half still leading, ten-seven.
A sigh of relief. A remarkable showing.
But fans are still cheering. My God! He's still going!

Eluding six tackles! Keeps spinning his wheels!
And into the endzone, head over heels.
But this things not over. It's not even close.
Kurt Warner's not ready to say "adios."

Fitzgerald again! An unspeakable scene.
All of a sudden it's twenty-fourteen!
Then sixteen! A safety! They've narrowed the score.
A pass to Fitzgerald! They're going for more!

Somebody catch him! This just couldn't be!
All of a sudden we're trailing by three!
Our ball. First and twenty. Two minutes to score.
In a breathtaking season, we've been here before.

Time running out. Big Ben back to pass it.
A wing and a prayer. Santonio has it!
The thirty! The twenty! Big Ben's bag of tricks
Has given new life! First down on the six!

Going for six, the quarterback roams.
A toss to the corner. Theres no place like Holmes.
Two toe-steps in bounds! Two hands on the ball!
Super win six was the best game of all.