View Full Version : New faces on 09 Roster

Steely McSmash
02-09-2009, 10:12 PM
My take on team needs since I think all teams should draft based on need...

Currently 6x OT with 4x FA next year.
The team had 5x on the 53 man roster.

Consensus is that one of Starks/Smith will walk.
Essex should be expendable assuming we get some talent in the draft.
Colon is a RFA and will likely be in the mix next year at Tackle or Guard.

To me this means we'll have 4 of the 6 with one that could shift to guard.

Needs: 2 or 3 to compete for 1 or 2 spots. Starting talent passable but thin.

Currently 5x on the roster with 1x FA
The team had 4 x on the 53 man roster
Kemo has been so-so this year. I don't think we lose much by letting him go.
Simmons will be back
Colon could slide into this group.
Hartwig could play guard if replaced at center.

Needs: plenty of bodies but no studs in the bunch. Need 2 quality prospects to compete in camp. We already have 5 backups at guard, drafting OG in late rounds is not going to help next year. I'd jump at trading Simmons for a 6th round draft pick.

1x on roster, 1x on Practice squad.
Hartwig is the best player on the line. If replaced he would probably become the best guard on the line.
Stapleton is a potential backup. I'd love to see Legursky succeed.

Needs: None. If a stud player is available, existing players can be shuffled.

OL total: 5 draft prospects should compete. perhaps 3 will make the team.

DE: 5x on team. Depth is ok, all but one over 30
NT 3x on team, Depth is good, over 30

DL needs: 6/8 are over 30. Need to groom young players to step into these roles. 2 players needed to compete for backup DE roles.

Rest of the team:

CB/S: May need to replace BMAC with Gay. Some current players lack speed/size. A Smith is a head case. 2x DB on practice squads currently. Could use 2-3 more in the mix.

WR: May need to replace Washington. Not sure if current talent can step up to drop so many passes, although Sweed shows promise in this regard. Not urgent need.

SO with 9 picks estimated: I think we should draft 2-3 OT prospects, 2-3 Interior OL, 2 DL prospects, 1DB and 1WR.

There's no way that Colbert will do this but my thoughts anyway.:tt: