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02-14-2009, 06:24 AM

ESPN is the self-proclaimed "Worldwide Leader in Sports." It was a revolutionary idea, really. A network that features sports constantly, non-stop for 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. ABC found the right mixture and created ESPN, and it took off.

Yeah, it really is the worldwide leader in sports. Hard to argue with that. But that doesn't mean it has its flaws...

Exhibit 1: The Headlining of Stories
The title might confuse you, but I couldn't think of a better way to word it. Here's what ANNOYS ME about this; every story is either labeled as a "Developing Story" or "Breaking News." I'm sorry, ESPN, but most of the time that stuff is just for real world news. Yes, A-Rod's story was "breaking news" for about four to five hours after it "broke."

But after that? Not so much. When they were showing the interview last night, and labeled it as breaking news, I almost threw my remote at the TV. Also, they tabbed Bud Selig speaking about A-Rod as a "developing story." Unless something is in the process of happening, it's not developing. That's what ANNOYS ME.

Exhibit 2: The way they talk
This doesn't seem to bother many people, but it sure ANNOYS ME. At the end of every single "update" or whatever from outside the studio they do ends with something like the following:

"I'm Christ Mortenson, reporting for ESPN." And here is where I wish I was speaking to you, because the way they say ESPN is the same every time. It starts out with the E and rises to the S and then the PN comes at a lower tone a more quickly. It's ANNOYING.

And that's not all; the way they read those quotes from, say, Selig, is ANNOYING!! They use waay too much voice inflection so that it sounds like they are reading to someone who can't hear you if you speak normally.

Exhibit 3: Self-Advertising
A perfect example of this? The "Who's Now" competition they held last summer, about who the sports world thought was the top player in all aspects, bracket and all. It sounds good on the surface; but what the ESPN execs were trying to do is get thousands more clicks on their website, because you had to vote there. It was shameless, ANNOYING advertising.

Exhibit 4: The Yelling
All that ESPN's "Around the Horn" is is a bunch of guys who love sports yelling at each other about trivial matters. Every once in a while it will get interesting and the topics and arguments will be fun to listen to, but who in their right mind wants to see a bunch of yelling and arguments about who might get traded to some team? No one. You know why? It's ANNOYING.

Exhibit 5: The Magazine
I hate ESPN the Magazine. Hate it. It paved the way for our very own SN Magazine to get all flashy and weird-sized and uninteresting content-wise. ESPN the Magazine came out because ESPN had giant sums of money sitting in the bank and had nothing to do with it. So they get some weird-sized paper and put a bunch of good-looking pictures on it and get interviews and have cool little colored graphics.

The problem? You can see that exact same stuff on their TV Network. It takes little extra effort to produce because there is minimal true journalism. Barely any true writing or investigating. They get everyone else to do their work. And now our very own has fallen by the wayside with them....sad day...

You know what that is called? SUPER ANNOYING!!!!!

I could go on about their nonstop craving coverage of all things Brett Favre, Yankees, Celtics, etc....

but I think you get the point.

02-14-2009, 02:13 PM
lucky i live in the uk i guess :)

02-14-2009, 02:48 PM
i'll agree with you about the magazine. it's stupid. it's like they can't take anything seriously and every article is a joke. the only thing i like about it i A) the opening of the magazine, they always have really unique and crazy pictures. and B) the end when they interview someone about the most random stuff. it's humanizes athletes for a moment and it's kind of funny. most of it is stupid nonsense. -- i do enjoy their covers from time to time. the Michael Phelps pic where he is underwater and looks like a merman...it's amazing.

as for the tv coverage, i can't get behind it much anymore because i don't really follow the sports they talk about after the NFL season is done. i like NBA and MLB, but they never cover the Pirates unless they get crushed by the Yankees or Red Sox and the NBA right now is all about LeBron James and Kobe battling for MVP. it's high school stuff right now. but i do love "Rome is Burning" and "NFL Live." but as of late, it's the Brett Favre saga all of again and it's boring.

i guess you just have to be in the right frame of mind to watch those shows or read that mag. for me, it's a time killer and watching ESPN helps me wind down and gather some useful info for water cooler talk at work. nothing spectacular.