View Full Version : Garrett Reynolds, football edge came through uncle Hacksaw

02-20-2009, 05:49 AM

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- North Carolina offensive lineman Garrett Reynolds hears the tales about his uncle everywhere he goes.

Family reunions, family dinners, even total strangers.

For Reynolds, the nephew of former NFL player Jack "Hacksaw" Reynolds, he can't escape the legacy.

"He won't ever tell me the story about how he got the nickname, but I've heard different versions from everyone," Reynolds said. "They're all about the same, so I know they're true."

Reynolds is among players attending the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

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The normal version is that the elder Reynolds was so upset after his previously undefeated Tennessee team was embarrassed 38-0 at Mississippi. When Reynolds got back to Knoxville, he sawed his car in half.

The younger Reynolds acknowledges he doesn't have the same mindset.

"He's crazy," Reynolds said. "I may be close, but he's a wild man."

Big family
Virginia tackle Eugene Monroe didn't have to fight off his brothers and sisters for food when he was growing up.

Keeping track of birthdays was a different matter because he has 15 siblings.

But Monroe didn't learn his blocking skills from fending off everyone.

"We weren't together all the time because most of my brothers and sisters are much older than me," Monroe said. "All of them are much older than I am."

No more peanuts
Oklahoma guard Duke Robinson spent some of his teenage years at Atlanta Braves games.

Not watching, working.

Robinson, the great nephew of music legend Smokey Robinson, sold peanuts and ball caps from the time he was 14 years old till he entered college.

If he gets drafted on the first day in April, though, he won't be working for peanuts.

El-Gonzo Jackson
02-23-2009, 10:09 AM
Yeah, I saw Reynolds in the UNC bowl game and thought he could be that big RT that run blocks well and is so big that its hard to get around him in pass protection.;

He can run block well, but against other combine guys in drills, he showed that they can just run by him before he gets thru his kick slide. Nice story, great bloodlines but he is probably a 7th round - UFA type guy.