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02-22-2009, 03:54 PM
:coffee: 2009 GNCC Series Racing

Just thought if there was any GNCC ( Grand National Cross Country ) ATV/MX racing fans here you might be interested in the 2009 schedule. This racing series is some of the Fastest ATV's and Dirtbikes in the world, Cross Country Style. That means mud and dust galore!!
If you have never seen this kind of racing you should just come to one of these races near you and see what the action and excitement is all about. Last year at the Iron Man the last race of the year had thousands of fans, yes Thousands. This series has grew since I first raced one in 2003 in Georgia. It is pretty exciting to lineup with 40 other racers just in your class sided by side in a big open field starting line. Come on and check it out. If you would like to see more information on this series go to gnccracing.com and check it out.

2009 Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series Schedule

Round 1
Feb. 28 - March 3
The Parts Unlimited River Ranch (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/the-parts-unlimited-river-ranch)
River Ranch, FL
Round 2
March 7 - 8
The Maxxis General (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/the-maxxis-general)
Washington, GA
SE&TRARound 3
March 21-22
FMF Steele Creek (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/fmf-steele-creek)
Morganton, NC
SE&TRARound 4
April 4 - 5
Pirelli Big Buck (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/pirelli-big-buck)
Union, SC
SE&TRARound 5
April 18 - 19
Acerbis Loretta Lynn's (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/acerbis-loretta-lynns)
Hurricane Mills, TN
Round 6
May 2 - 3
Weekend Warrior Titan (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/weekend-warrior-titan)
Lafayette, TN
AMA NHS (East)
Round 7
May 16 - 17
Geico Mountain Ridge (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/geico-mountain-ridge)
Somerset, PA
Round 8
June 6 - 7
Wiseco John Penton (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/wiseco-john-penton)
Millfield, OH
AMA-Dist. 11Round 9
June 27 - 28
MotorcycleUSA.com Snowshoe (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/motorcycleusa.com-snowshoe)
Snowshoe, WV
Summer Break!
Round 10
Sep. 12 - 13
Can-Am Unadilla (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/can-am-unadilla)
New Berlin, NY
AGP, WNYOARound 11
Sep.26 - 27
Moose Yadkin Valley Stomp (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/moose-yadkin-valley-stomp)
Yadkinville, NC
AMA-NHS (East)
Round 12
Oct. 3 - 4
ITP Power Line Park (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/itp-power-line-park)
St. Clairsville, OH
AMA-Dist. 11Round 13
Oct. 24 - 25
Klotz Ironman (http://www.gnccracing.com/pages/gncc-event-information/klotz-ironman)
Crawfordsville, IN

03-07-2009, 07:57 AM
I am guessing at the number of views that there is no one interested in this kind of racing. I just hoped there would someone here to chat with about it, but thats ok..