View Full Version : Even if we lose some guys...

02-25-2009, 04:15 PM
There are good, servicable veterans that will be looking for work on Friday. Read rotoworld.com and look at all the guys being let go.

I understand that we can't break the bank for BMAC, but if we promote Gay and sign guys that are available, our defense will be fine. We had an incident like that with Fernando Bryant this year when BMAC was out. One of the games that we had Bryant in there as the Nickel Back was against San Diego. We did pretty good that game. Losing BMAC and replacing him with a servicable veteran will keep our defense running just fine.

There are also WR's available as well if Nate is gone. I still like Sweed as our #3, but there will be good veterans out there that can fill in as our #4 and 5.

This year's FA will be like every other year...crazy money being spent the first day or two...the Steelers waiting until the dust clears...then swoop in and get a gem like a Mewelde Moore that most teams would kill for around mid season. How many teams do you think chewed out their GM for not looking at MeMo after they saw how productive he was for us when Willie was out!...especially if they were needing a RB and the fact that he signed for so little $$$'s with us.

02-25-2009, 04:42 PM
WRs and CBs are being cut left & right. There will be someone available if the FO wants to go that route. If not we can always restock in the draft. Not worried at all..........