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02-27-2009, 02:36 PM
'Myron Cope Day' In Pittsburgh: Our Memories And Yours
Steelers Fan Favorite Honored On Anniversary Of Passing

UPDATED: 2:40 pm EST February 27, 2009

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PITTSBURGH -- On Friday, legendary Pittsburgh Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope is being honored on the anniversary of his death with "Myron Cope Day."
Myron Cope Day
Myron Cope Day

The city made the day official when Mayor Luke Ravenstahl proclaimed it "Myron Cope Day" shortly after 11 a.m.

WTAE is holding a daylong on-air and online tribute as a celebration of Cope's life. It will be light in tone with special moments, memories and interviews spread throughout the noon, 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts of Channel 4 Action News.

Here are some of the coverage highlights that our viewers can expect:

* Cope's daughter, Elizabeth, talks with Sally Wiggin about life without her dad.
* Interviews with Steelers president Art Rooney II; Cope's longtime confidant, Joe Gordon; and WTAE's "Voice of the Steelers," Bill Hillgrove.
* Myron Moments: Video clips and graphics going into and coming out of newscast commercial breaks.
* Web Feedback: Share your pictures, stories, memories and impressions of Cope.

Please e-mail your comments to newsroom@thepittsburghchannel.com. We will post some of them here, and some of them will be shown on the air during one of WTAE's newscasts on Myron Cope Day. (Scroll down to read the comments so far.)

If you'd like to share a picture, you can do it through this link to our Community Slideshow.

Also, 1250 ESPN Radio will celebrate by playing vintage audio clips of Cope all day long. Listeners are invited to call in and talk about their favorite Cope memories. Cope had a lengthy radio career on 1250 WTAE-AM, which is now 1250 ESPN.

Join us all day Friday for "Myron Cope Day" on WTAE Channel 4 Action News.

Myron Cope Thoughts And Memories:

My husband has had Steeler tickets since Three Rivers opened, and now our family enjoys going to every game at Heinz Field. After the Super Bowl XL in Detroit, we bought a black GMC van to use for tailgating at the games. One of the things we did was to get large magnets to put on the van especially for game days. We have 3 magnets of Myron waving the Terrible Towel. The two smaller magnets we place next to our license plate: DBL-YOI !! We took the magnets with us to the Super Bowl this year. As we were driving to Tampa from Orlando people were honking, cheering, and waving their Terrible Towels at us. All of a sudden the large Myron magnet flew off the hood of the car. We were only hoping that Myron was waving back at all the Steeler fans going to the game!!

At least two times a season we have a DJ at our tailgate party. Our friend's son, Rick Laird of Cranberry, won a Myron sound-alike contest several years ago. He is usually at our parties and entertains the group with his "um-huh" and other comments. People really take a double look when they pass by and hear "Myron" on the microphone.

We can only say how proud we are of Myron and what he has done for his family, the Steelers, and the entire city of Pittsburgh.

Cherie and Dan Wolovich
Murrysville, PA

Perfect. Did you ever have one of those days? I did. My daughter and I were going to training camp. My other daughter, who went to Saint Vincent, got us passes to be on the field with the players. We were thrilled and it was exciting. We left training camp, driving down Route 30, we decided to stop at a bookstore. When we walked in there was a sign that Myron Cope was there signing his book. We couldn't believe it! I told my daughter to run to the car and get the camera. Myron was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest man I met. Needless to say, we got and autograph and a picture. As we left, driving down the road, my daughter and I looked at each other and smiled. Perfect.


I had the good fortune of meeting the great Myron Cope at a Jerome Bettis show taping at Rosebud. I was well aware of Mr. Cope's affinity for a toddy or two. Therefore, I felt the need to ask Myron what his favorite profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfiltertail was. Being a man of the people, he looked at me and said: "Hum-huh, I love them all". Classic Cope, indeed.

Toni Fitch
Ellsworth, PA

I just know that Myron is still in his glory from Super Bowl XLIII. He looked down and saw all the Terrible Towels wavin in Tampa and had a few toddys along with Steeler Nation. We all love you and miss you Myron. UM HAH AND OKEL DOKEL!!!!!!!!

Rick Miller
North Apollo, PA

Myron Copeís play by play was as much a part of my childhood as my bicycle. Once at training camp in Latrobe when I was about 12, I ran into Myron and asked him for an autograph. He had his hands full with 2 ice cream cones. When he tried to sign his name for me he dropped one and became mildly flustered. Then he laughed it off and in true Pittsburgher form told me that I could have the ice cream that had fallen on the ground. He smiled, signed the autograph, patted me on the head and went on his way. Iíll never forget it.

If there is a heaven, Iím sure Myron is announcing the football up there. YOI!!

My high school students are always touched by the story of the yellow rose he tells in his book, Double Yoi! Myron dedicates the chapter Mildred, the Bad -Luck Girl to his departed wife, writing directly to her. As Myron tells it:

You left us, to be exact, on September 20, 1994. No more than several days later, I glanced out the window of my study, which looked out onto the front lawn. You had told me early on, about 20 years before, "You're the gardener." I was a lazy gardener, so our three rose bushes dwindled to two, and those two became scraggly. Only in spring and early summer would they pop up a few yellow roses. Yellow was your favorite color, so I yelled for you whenever I saw a rose coming into full bloom. now, I noticed through my office window in lat September that a single rose had begun to bloom on the tallest branch of an otherwise bare bush. That rose fairly bust into fullness, huge and glorious. I beckoned Elizabeth, Mom, and you surely must know that as close as the two of you had been, she had reacted to your death horrendously, unbelieving. "Look," I said. "Do you suppose Mom is speaking to us through that rose?

"Do you think she's telling us to hang tough?"

Through the rest of September and into October -- a brisk, sometimes downright cold, October -- our yellow rose stood robust atop that branch. On the final day of October, the rose wilted and died.

So ended my agnosticism.

As you know, Mom, if you've been able to look in on us after our rose died, I have not felt called to alter my life any more than I had after I nearly died in Dr. Laughin' office. But I know you're there.

Thanks, Myron. Thank you so, so much.

Gary Kopycinski
Park Forest, IL

02-27-2009, 03:03 PM
for the younger fans, who can't recall Myron at his height of popularity in the '70s, he used to go on WTAE every Saturday evening, during the 11:00 PM telecast, and dish-out about 3 minutes of unbridled passion about the Stillers, working Stiller faithful into a lather, often at the oppositions expense:
you gotta remember, this was long-before ESPN, shock-jock / idiots like Jim Rome, and FoxSportsPittsburgh were broadcasting 24 / 7 / 365

2 in particular, stand-out in my mind.

In 1972, 'em Stillers lost in Cleveland (per-usual for that time), and the rematch was scheduled for early December, so the night before the game, Myron unleashes upon Cleveland and it's residents.....

"..... the only bad-thing about the Turnpike is..... it takes you to Cleveland.....


..... in Cleveland, when a couple is walking down the street with several bags of groceries, the locals think they have matched-luggage.....


..... while Clevelanders laugh because the Steelers only have their insignia on one-side of their helmets, they forget that their team has no insignia on either side of their helmets..... probably because they have nothing to be civically-proud of....."

'em Stillers annihilated the Browns the next day, winning 30-0, placing them in the driver's-seat for the team's first-ever Division Championship on a rainy-day at Three Rivers


The night before the 1975 AFC Championship Game vs. the Raidez at Three Rivers, Myron went on-air, wearing a White T-shirt while sitting at his desk, and proceeded to apply layers of first-aid tape, inside-out, between the elbow and the wrist on his puny forearms, then applied various glues and adhesives, followed by more tape & glue, to show how Raider Fred Biletnikoff prepared himself for a game, while the on-air anchors tried to contain themselves frorm laughing


rarely had such a scrawny-body been seen on Pittsburgh TV in it's underwear


The man was truly a 'Pittsburgh-original', and he will sorely missed by every following generation of Stiller fans