View Full Version : Steelers: Washington all about family, could end with Titans or Browns

02-27-2009, 11:45 PM
Steelers: Washington all about family, could end with Titans or Browns
February 25, 7:22 AM
by Matt Pawlikowski, Pittsburgh Sports Examiner

PITTSBURGH - A big question entering the free-agency period on Friday is what becomes of wide receiver Nate Washington.

Washington has repeatedly said how much donning a Steeler uniform means to him, and how the camaraderie the team shares is unlike anything he has ever experienced.

" I've never played on any team like this from pee wee on up," Washington said in an exclusive interview. "They never bash each other, we never get on each other for anything. The only thing I've ever seen is a positive attitude and sometimes I think they more confidence in me than I do out there."

But is that enough to keep him in Pittsburgh is a low offer is tendered?

"The friends I have on this team and around the league with other teams tell me all the time that the relationship we have in this lockeroom is genuine and that you wont find that in many other places." Washington said.

Meaning it will be interesting to see what Washington does.

According to John Harris of the Tribune Review, Washinton's agent has yet to be contacted by the Steelers, meaning one of two things. They are trying to sort out what will happen with Bryant McFadden, who also hits the market at midnight or he is out of their plans all together.

Last year he signed a one-year, $1.417 million contract as a restricted free-agent. But considering his stats in 2008, where he had had career-highs in catches (40) and yards (631), he will be coveted.

That coupled with the fact there is a lack of quality receivers entering free-agency in 2009, the chance to become a No. 2 guy making more money than he could ever imagined, that may be hard to pass up, even if the Steelers do come beckoning.

The biggest factor in what he does lays not in a Steelers offer or one from another team, but more important his love of family. Washington, in a number of exclusive conversations, has said that taking care of his mothers needs for the rest of her life is a priority and when talking about her, it's hard not to notice he gets very emotional.

"She is one of those type of mothers who is like a big sister to me, and she never gave up on me and never let me give up on myself," Washington said. "So when I go out there I am playing for her, so that I can give her all the things that she has always wanted and provide for her later on down the line so she doesn't have to worry."

While it won't be know who will be in talks with his agent, three teams are reported to have an interest in the speedy wideout, the Titans, the Browns and the Eagles, all of whom have needs at the position.

The Titans are said to be extremely interested, while there is no secret that the Eagles need someone badly. Washington is said to be on their radar screen also.

An interesting scenario exists with the Browns. Washington is a local product, and the Browns seem to like that. It sells tickets. He is likable, much like Joe Jereviecis, also a local kid, and the team needs to add to its depth as Donte Stallworth has proved ineffective.

While it would be tampering to mention his name ahead of time, some sources close to the organization have said he may get a good hard look, and if the money is right he could end up closer to the people who have been a constant support.

"My family has been a great support to me," Washington said. " People have been telling me I couldn't, People have been criticizing me for drops and the whole time my family never treated me like a football player. They treated me like Nate.''

02-27-2009, 11:53 PM
they should at least make the guy some kind of offer. the way i see it, washington played better at his position than kemoautu did at his...:noidea:

02-28-2009, 12:00 AM
I hate to see people leaving, especially for money. But one thing I do admire is a tie to family.

Of course, it is easy to fabricate as well. So who knows?