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03-01-2009, 10:41 AM
Hey, guys. OK, I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time.

As most of you guys know very well by now that I'm a huge football (not a boring soccer!) fan, and I really want my countrymen to understand & appreciate this great sport. And to do this, what's better than asking from my black & gold brethren for help, right? (The Packers' fan lady told me that Wisconsin is full of places for the things like this, but she pointed out the Steelers' fans wouldn't be less helpful if I asked for help :wink02:)

And I want to start some kind of league or association in Mongolia to make a decent start. However, since the American football is fairly unknown, & the most people consider it a very violent sport due to their inexperience, I thought it would be wise to start it with flag football first. Besides it requires decent amount of investment if I wanted to go with American football first.

With flag football, I thought, I could get the interest of any kids, both boys & girls, & even I have any luck, I could start small competitions between the high schools & maybe colleges. Heck with a little more luck I could even start something going between the private business companies & organizations.

I made some searches & found bunch of rules & regulations on the flag football. What I want from you guys is that, if there is any video tapes, VCDs, or DVDs that explains the whole thing about establishing a team & training it, books & albums for the strategies for both offense & defense. Also, the phone numbers & email addresses of the people who can help with this would work too. Pretty much anything that you can throw my direction would be appreciated much & I would be forever in your debt. Even anything that is related with American football is fine, since real American football among the Mongolian youth is my long-term goal.

Those of you who wants to help shouldn't worry about shipping things overseas, cuz I could give my friend's address in the states.

Mongolians are very good at sports & especially when it comes to physical sports. And the American football can teach my people what they're really missing. So I have no doubt that pretty soon we'd be kicking some arses in Asia in football.


03-01-2009, 04:49 PM
here, try this site. it is thru the nfl and have heard it talked about on nfl radio on sirius. http://www.nflyouthfootball.com/site12.aspx