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03-04-2009, 07:20 AM
Hi all, I would say my Steelers knowledge was decent considering iam a foreign fan and have only been supporting the Steelers since their 03 season, however I get lost when it comes to financial woe's the Steelers always seem to be in! I understand that we have alot of pedigree players and backups to follow them in most cases but why are some teams minted and we aint despite the salery cap? Sorry for asking a daft question but I hope someone could answer it for my European tardiness.

Fire Haley
03-04-2009, 11:01 AM
What financial woes? We're in pretty good shape. We have a franchise QB for the next decade with 2 SB rings under his belt...something other teams would die for.

FA's are big money for big risk contracts - the Steelers replenish through the draft, always have, always will.

So let's see - The Steelers have retained 11 of 22 starters between Super Bowl wins.

QB- Big Ben/Big Ben
LT- Smith/Starks
LG- Faneca/Kemo
C- Hartings/Hartwig
RG- Simmons/Stapleton
RT- Starks/Colon
RB- Parker/Parker
FB- Kreider/McHugh-TE/FB
WR- Ward/Ward
WR- Randle El/Holmes
TE- Miller/Miller

NT- Hampton/Hampton
DE- Oelhaufen/Kiesel
LB- Haggans/Woodley
LB- Farrior/Farrior
LB- Foote/Foote
LB- Porter/Harrison
S- Troy/Troy
S- Hope/Clark
CB- Townsend/McFadden
CB- Taylor/Taylor

The big changes....

Porter with Harrison/DPOTY
Haggans with Woodley
Randle el with Holmes
Townsend with McFadden
Hope with Clark

This is how you build through the draft and free agency and win.

You get players and retain players to fit your team and needs.

Steely McSmash
03-04-2009, 11:58 AM
We're not in terrible shape. The O-line dealings have not worked out for the best.

Starks is getting maybe 3Million more than he's worth on a long term contract.

Kemo is overpaid by maybe 1-2M. perhaps we signed him there out of desparation a bit. He will improve but currently not worth the $$.

We took a gamble on Simmons 2 years ago with the 5 year contract with 7.5M signing bonus. Due to his injury he was released and we have to pay the 4.5M left on his bonus this year. This is about the same as his salary + bonus would have been.

In a perfect world, Starks would have signed a long term deal or left, Simmons would be a healthy team member and Kemo could not have commanded 4mil/year from us.

The net difference is about 4-5 mil -- Not really huge.

The FA signings of Washinton and maybe BMac are a result of our backups being comparatively good and getting paid starting money from other teams. We can't afford to pay the backups as starters.