View Full Version : NO CBA and franchise tags

03-10-2009, 10:47 AM
This article is actually pretty good and says it all. Got to love the little jabs in there as well. the franchise tag situation was brought up several time and what if's etc.


However, from what this says if their is NO cba, than each team gets 2 franchise tags.
This is good news imo, as Harrison loses a little leverage, and this would seemingly add on 2 extra years and take him to 33. Seems we have the upper hand as hilding out at his age with the lack of income he had would be pretty dumb, so I do not believe that option is available.

In short he makes 1.4mill in 2009, tag him 2 more at estimated 8mill?(not sure of this number) Thats a 3 year deal for 17.4mill of gurrantteed money. Based on this and the fact he does warrant a raise, 22mill guarrantteed should be plenty of 3 years with a softer hit on year 4.