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03-12-2009, 05:51 PM
And the compensatory pick is

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Over the past few years, a gentleman who guys by the moniker of AdamJT13 on KFFL.com has picked up quite a following with his predictions about the NFL's compensatory picks.

In fact, he's become something of a Nostradamus in this area, getting an average of just under 24 of 32 correct over the past seven years. Considering nobody is really sure of how the NFL comes up with the compensatory picks, that's not bad.

Adam has come up with his list for comp picks, which won't be officially announced until the owner's meetings at the end of this month.

Here's what he came up with:

New England (Asante Samuel, $9.3567 million per season, 15 GP/15 GS, Pro Bowl)
Pittsburgh (Alan Faneca, $7.8 million, 16/16, Pro Bowl)
Cincinnati (Justin Smith, $7 million, 16/16) possibly a fourth-round pick

Chicago (Bernard Berrian, $6.9 million, 16/13) possibly a third-round pick
N.Y. Giants (Gibril Wilson, $6.5008 million, 16/15) possibly a third-round pick
San Diego (Michael Turner, $5.75 million, 16/16, Pro Bowl) possibly a third-round pick
San Diego (Drayton Florence, $5.9333 million, 15/8)
Tennessee (Antwan Odom, $5.9 million, 12/8)
Indianapolis (Jake Scott, $4.8 million, 16/16) possibly a fifth-round pick

San Francisco (Kwame Harris, $4.6667 million, 14/11)
New England (Donte Stallworth, $4.5393 million, 11/7)
Dallas (Jacques Reeves, $4 million, 16/16) possibly a sixth-round pick
Tennessee (Travis LaBoy, $4.4 million, 13/12) possibly a sixth-round pick

Tennessee (Randy Starks, $3.885 million, 16/4)
New England (Randall Gay, $3.3125 million, 14/13)
Dallas (Julius Jones, $2.9 million, 15/10)
Cincinnati (Landon Johnson, $2.733 million, 15/0) possibly a seventh-round pick
San Francisco (Marques Douglas, $2.525 million, 16/0) possibly a seventh-round pick

Tennessee (Ben Hartsock, $2.25 million, 11/11)
Washington (Mark Brunell, $1.755 million, 2/0)
Seattle (Chuck Darby, $1.467 million, 15/15)
Seattle (Ellis Wyms, $1.4 million, 16/0)
Chicago (John Gilmore, $1.333 million, 16/10)
Seattle (Kevin Bentley, $1.3 million, 16/7)
Chicago (Brendon Ayanbadejo, $1.223 million, 16/0, Pro Bowl)
Cincinnati (Bryan Robinson, $1.2125 million, 16/15)
Seattle (D.J. Hackett, $1.2 million, 9/2)
Jacksonville (Terry Cousin, $1.115 million, 16/0)
Detroit (net-value comp pick, lost three for $10.721 million, 38/22; signed three for $7.134 million, 42/31)
Arizona (net-value comp pick, lost three for $9.45 million, 46/42; signed three for $6.9625 million, 40/27)
Detroit (non-compensatory pick)
Kansas City (non-compensatory pick)

So Adam has the Steelers getting a third for the loss of Alan Faneca, with the loss of Clark Haggans being offset by the signing of Mewelde Moore. Adam doesn't include the signing of Keyaron Fox in his figures, so that could affect things.

Center Justin Hartwig was released by Carolina, so he was a street free agent when the Steelers signed him. He won't affect the compensatory picks, much the same way Kendall Simmons won't affect the Steelers next year.

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