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03-23-2009, 01:53 PM
Ok, I made some revisions.....

1. Duke Robinson,G, 6' 4" 330, Oklahoma

2. Jamon Meredith,OT,6-5, 301, South Carolina

3.Domonique Johnson, CB,6-2,190, Jackson State

4.Khalif Mitchell, DT,6' 4" 305, East Carolina

5.Kevin Ogletree,WR 6-2, 190, Virginia

6.Sammie Lee Hill,DT 6' 4" 325, Stillman

7.Chris Clemons, S,6-0, 208, Clemson

7.Robert Brewster, OT,6' 4" 312, Ball State

Pi Kapp Steeler
03-23-2009, 02:26 PM
I like the first 2 picks a lot

3rd Dominique Jackson is an iffy one, that is if your implying that you want him to play CB in the pros. Scouts say that most of his INTs were do to bad QB play. Although i have heard this guy can run a 4.3 and he is 6'1 , so i can see him making a good transition in to a free safety. But CB no, the WRs at this level will tear him apart.

3a. No comp pick???
I say go after Johnny Knox here, this kid is the real deal.

4th round i do like, This guy has 34.5" arms and he ripped out 30 reps! From what i have seen in his videos is that he has a nonstop motor.

the rest i really don't have know enough about to judge. But I do like it! :thumbsup:

PS undrafted free agent or 7th round Frank Summers! UNLV

Steely McSmash
03-23-2009, 06:47 PM
I like it for the most part. I'm not familliar with a lot of the players though. I'd be very pleased to see something similar to this on draft day.:applaudit:

Some comments:

Note sure that Duke Robinson is the best value for the steelers in round 1. Guard can be had later and maybe somebody more athletic would be better in the long run. Someone like Eric Wood could be OG / C.

Do both of these DT project to NT? I'm of the opinion that we need to get some DE prospects. Much more room on the roster for those guys. At NT, Hoke and Hampton are solid and not going anywhere this year unless they get traded. DE has more backups and a roster spot as well since Orpheus Roye is presumably gone. If We draft a guy good enough to bump Kirschke we'd have room for two more. Seems like DE development is hit or miss as well so all the more reason to take more shots at it.

03-23-2009, 11:10 PM
Nice draft--I think we may be able to take someone better than Robinson in the first, but I would be happy with him, and I like Meredith a lot. I don't know much about Jackson, but Mitchell and Ogletree have some upside.

I agree on the DT problem, though . . . especially with Hoke we don't really have space for two more DTs . . . unless one of them projects as a 3-4 end.