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03-24-2009, 05:59 AM
A little time has passed since the Steelers won the big one, but I just came a cross a Yahoo Sports interview with Joe Montana that was taken before the game on Super Bowl Sunday. It was on a segment called “Shutdown Corner” and at one point Joe talked about winning the biggest game of the world with a last minute touchdown against the Bengals.

The interview has a lot more meaning to it, knowing that Big Ben would go on to win the game with a last minute touchdown, in what Steve Young would call “Montana-like.”

Also… the Friday before the game on the Dan Patrick Radio Show they had a daily “poll question” that was similar: You have one drive to win the Super Bowl, who do you want as your quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger or Kurt Warner?

A lot of people picked Kurt Warner.

So before the game was played there was a lot of talk about winning it all with one huge touchdown and what type of special QB it takes to pull that off. Ben is that guy.

I can’t wait to see the mural an artist will come up with to memorialize the Ben-to-Holmes winning catch.

(here is part of the Joe Montana interview)

From XLIII: An interview with Joe Montana


SDC: There is a portrait here in the G Lounge that is hanging right over your shoulder -- It shows you leading the Niners down the field on the final drive against the Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII. When you look at that portrait is there a specific memory that comes back to you? A feeling?

Montana: That was something that happened, I probably did a thousand times in my backyard with my neighbor, except I used to make him dive for the ball to make it a little more exciting. That's really a dream come true in a painting. As a quarterback, there's no better way to finish your year, in winning a Super Bowl, than with a touchdown pass. The chances of that happening, by the looks of most of the Super Bowls, is a very rare chance. Fortunately for me, I had an opportunity.

SDC: As the story goes, you actually pointed out John Candy in the stands before the start of that drive ...

Montana: It really wasn't done for the team. There was a guy, our right tackle Harris Barton, all week long he was one of those guys who was enamored by who he'd seen the night before. He was really into that. All of a sudden, you know TV timeouts are long in the Super Bowl, so I'd been to the sideline a couple times, came back out, and was standing there waiting for the guy to give me the signal [that we were back from the commercial break]. Right between two shoulders in the huddle was Candy. I was just thinking, I didn't hear Harris mention John Candy's name. So I thought he would appreciate seeing John Candy, and he did one of those look over there, look back at me, like "You are CRAAAAZY."

SDC: Is there an Uncle Buck of the NFL?

Montana: HAHA! You know what, he could be Uncle Buck, Harris. That could work.

SDC: Is there some sort of secret to leading a game-winning drive, especially in a game like the Super Bowl?

Montana: No, I think one of the reasons maybe we had so much success, there's a lot of things that we did in those drives, it wasn't something new where guys had to go in and go, "OK, we just put this in, exactly what is my assignment? What are my adjustments?" Really, we went back, and if you back at the majority of plays, were all fundamental plays that we put in day one, when Bill Walsh got [to San Francisco] and when I got [to San Francisco] in '79. It was one of those things where you go out there and now all the guys are just reacting and playing instead of thinking, because they've run that play so many millions of times that you don't have to do that. Occasionally, you mix in something new, but then you jump right back into the other stuff, and I think that's the real reason [for the success], because guys were more comfortable.

SDC: Is there anything in particular that you did before you started a big drive? Did you take deep breaths inside the huddle or anything like that?

Montana: No. I think one of the things you always try to do -- there's certain cases where you have to try and force the ball, but in a lot cases you have plenty of time, and it's just a matter of keeping the ball moving forward and put pressure on the defense. 'Cause then, when you have guys like Jerry [Rice] and John [Taylor], you get them the ball, one miss [by a defender] and they both have the ability to take it the distance. So, you don't always have to take big chances to have big plays.

SDC: You've got a couple sons who are playing quarterback these days. As the Super Bowl rolls around do they ever pop in a tape from one of the games and go, "Gee dad, this is pretty cool"?

Montana: (Laughs) I think they're tired of seeing and hearing about the tapes. They have a quarterback coach, not me, that tells 'em, "You should watch your dad's footage." I pulled out [an old tape] the other day because we had just come from the quarterback coach and was gonna show him. And I could see that look on his face, so I watched about two minutes and I said, "All right, that's ok ..."

SDC: That doesn't bother you as a dad though, that your kids don't want to watch your old tapes?

Montana: Nah. It's ok. In fact, they've already told people, "Ah, I'm tired of watching, hearing about my dad's stuff." I can understand that.

SDC: Is there a particular question from media day you remember for being completely off the wall?

Montana: There have been a couple. To recall 'em though ...

SDC: I saw a guy walking around in a dress the other day. Did you ever have anything like that.

Montana: HAHA! We didn't have anything like that. I think I saw that on TV too ... I saw a guy in his underwear playing [music] outside.

SDC: The Naked Cowboy.

Montana: Yeah, did you see that guy out there playing? I saw him yesterday.

SDC: Nothing can surprise me at the Super Bowl anymore ... In terms of the game itself, if you could ask Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner a question before the game, what would you ask them?

Montana: (Pauses) Well, Ben, I'd just try to figure out what matchups he likes, because I think a lot of people believe [the Steelers] are going to run the ball, try to pound the ball down there, which they probably will. For Kurt, [I'd ask] what are you going to do when they double up on Larry [Fitzgerald]. See that's the thing, I don't think Anquan [Boldin] was really thinking when he went crazy like that [during the NFC Championship], 'cause you just got to figure eventually, someone's gonna start saying I'm gonna get one guy in [Fitzgerald's] face and then BOOM! somebody over top of him, and we're gonna let the other guys have single coverage, who's gonna get [the ball]? It's [Boldin].

03-24-2009, 06:52 AM
Nice read, thanks for sharing.


El-Gonzo Jackson
03-24-2009, 07:38 AM
The one thing I have always wished that Montana would be asked is ......."how can you have the fortitude to stand in front of Too Tall Jones and make that pass to Dwight Clark...........yet you divorced your 2nd wife by leaving her a Dear John letter at the 49ers front office, which is clearly gutless?"

Possibly the greatest QB of all time, but not always "Joe Cool". :chuckle:

03-24-2009, 10:20 PM
The one thing I have always wished that Montana would be asked is ......."how can you have the fortitude to stand in front of Too Tall Jones and make that pass to Dwight Clark...........yet you divorced your 2nd wife by leaving her a Dear John letter at the 49ers front office, which is clearly gutless?"

Possibly the greatest QB of all time, but not always "Joe Cool". :chuckle:

How retarded Mr. Montana is. :doh: