View Full Version : Playoffs, a time where the unkowns stand out...

01-08-2006, 08:44 PM
Who would have known that in the biggest game of the year, some people not very well known for the steelers would be making plays that would help in a victory. Let's take Cedirck Wilson first. He's a guy thats is not necessarily popular in the steelers fanbase. But boy did he have a good game, 3 rec 100+ yards with a TD. How about we go on the flipside and go on defense. How big was tyrone carter today? He ALMOST seemed like a mini troy polamalu making plays left and right, and making sure douchmanzadeh was tossed around like he should be. Some of you may be excited by Ike Taylor's play; but from my standpoint hes been solid all year and is a stud in the making. Once again he SHUT down chad, and even made him cry. (or were their onions in that pregame meal)

A game where 2 guys were a key part of us winning in the playoffs. Whats in store for us next week? Will Morey have a huge game?? Who knows, but i'm starting to get excited about our guys....GO STEELERS!!!!!

01-08-2006, 08:47 PM
Cedric played well, so did Dan Krieder, Jerame Tuman made alot of key blocks and a nice first down as well.

Ike played a helluva game !