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04-15-2009, 12:03 PM
Random quotes from around the league
Compiled by Arthur Arkush
April 15, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eagles president Joe Banner, quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer Tuesday after seeing the 2009 schedule for the first time: "The fact that we have so many early games at home gives us a chance to get off to a fast start and gain some momentum. We have a stretch of three straight NFC East games once again at a very crucial time, and we finish in Dallas, which could be very, very dramatic."

CBS Sports executive vice president of programming Rob Correa, explaining why the Steelers are such an attractive draw for a national audience (Pittsburgh will play five prime-time games this season), as quoted in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "We can put Pittsburgh on in the Carolinas, in Texas. Virtually any state in the country, we're confident of putting on a Steelers game. They seem to have fans everywhere."

Packers president Mark Murphy, quoted on GazetteXtra.com regarding their upcoming schedule for the 2009 season: “You never can really tell exactly how it (the season) is going to lay out. I do think having two home games to start the season and the division matchups, I think (those) are always important. To have three of those division (games) in the first five weeks and then obviously with the bye there, too, I think it’s something that we can use to get off to a good start. But obviously we have to play and perform well.”

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, pleased with the direction of his team after trading QB Jay Cutler to the Bears, as quoted in the Boulder Daily Camera: "You want to look at the future, not worry about the past. I'm always positive at this time of the year. I don't want any other distractions. I just want to go ahead and play football." Bowlen continued by saying he is comfortable with his young head coach, Josh McDaniels: "I am. I've spent a lot of time with Josh, and some of the other new coaches, I'm very comfortable. A lot of people said, 'How can you hire a 32-year-old coach?' Some other teams have done similar things, hiring younger coaches. I just really like his approach. I really like what he learned in New England, what he's brought to Colorado."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Agent Bill Parise, who negotiated LB James Harrison’s six-year, $51.75 million contract extension with the Steelers, as quoted in the Toronto Star on his client’s excitement with the new deal: "James is pleased he will be a Steeler for the rest of his NFL career, in all probability, which is what he wanted. The contract is reflective of him being the defensive player of the year."

Former Rams GM Charley Armey believes trading the second overall pick in this year’s draft would be a mistake for the Rams, as quoted on STLtoday.com: "The No. 1 cardinal rule for me absolutely, without question, is do not trade out of an impact position. Because there’s only a few impact players. Some years I’ve been in the draft, it was only around six impact players. The year Orlando Pace was in the draft (1997), there was only about six. The year we took Torry Holt (1999), there was about 13." Armey continued: "If I’m the Rams, I sit right where I am unless I get a blockbuster deal and it doesn’t involve moving down that many spots. I’m going to sit where I am and I’m taking that tackle.”

Bears GM Jerry Angelo, quoted on Chicagotribune.com as saying first-round picks are not what they used to be: "I have rethought their value. I don't want to say I am undervaluing them. But I'm not overvaluing them [either]. You still want first-round picks, you love to have them. But I'm trying to be more realistic about them. Close to 50 percent of the picks in the first round are busts, and of those who are not, about half of them become rank-and-file players."

Eagles LB Omar Gaither doesn’t have that much interest in the official schedules being released by the league today, as quoted in the Philadelphia Daily News: "I hadn't even thought about the schedule coming out. You hear a lot, say, when Donovan goes back to Chicago. Most weeks we won't talk about it until just before we go. If one of the guys is from there, he would tell us the best places to go eat."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Top QB prospect Matthew Stafford is confident that the experience he has gained playing at a big-time program in the SEC will help prepare him take the next step to the professional level, as quoted on NOLA.com: "I've been doing this for a while. Obviously, I have a lot to learn. It's a whole different ballgame in the NFL. But I understand what it takes to prepare and get ready to play early, and I do feel like I have a lot of experience. I played in the SEC, a tough conference, and played against some NFL defensive coaches that are down in that league right now. I've got a little bit of a taste of what it's like, I think."

Titans DE Kyle Vanden Bosch, quoted in The Tennessean on his goal this year to be mentioned among the best defensive ends in the league: "I can see where the top defensive ends in the league are. And I know I can do all the things all the defensive ends can do. I feel like I should be among the top players every year, and this year I'm putting myself physically and mentally in the right place to have my best year ever. That's what I expect and that's how I'll judge my success or not."

Lions CB Travis Fisher, quoted in the Detroit Free Press regarding his belief that the defense will be much more physical this season: "I think it'll be vicious. We've got some guys who can run around. We've got a great scheme. We've got a great coach. I'm just very excited about getting to camp." Fisher continued: "We just need to beat — excuse my French — but beat the (expletive) out of teams that come to Detroit."

Colts president Bill Polian, explaining his philosophy picking in the first round of the draft and the importance of not missing on the pick, as quoted on IndyStar.com: "No big hits, no big misses. Take the best player. Make sure he's the best player by your standards and don't look back." Polian continued by discussing the impact that missing in the first round can have on a team: "It costs you three things that you never get back: time, money and the pick. And the money, if it's a high first-rounder, will stay with you longer."