View Full Version : Who is your Favorite TELEVISION Broadcaster?

04-15-2009, 05:16 PM
I know a lot of you guys and me whenever I get the chance, put on Bill Hillgrove on the broadcasts of Steeler Games, but when you cant do it, Who is your favorite TV broadcaster?

Gumbel and Deardoff are great since Deardoff is very smart and intellectual,Jim nance from CBS is ok, Al Michaels is good if John Madden wouldnt be turning good commentary into blabbering, Joe Buck.....eurrghh.... hes ok once in a while.

My Favorite? Gus Johnson from CBS, seriously guys I cant wait for Jim Nance to get sick as a dog on this years Super Bowl and have Gus Johnson step in. This guy is a fans reporter, he is not afraid to go insane in his broadcasts lol. Here are some clips that state my case for him. Which one do you guys like?

DBFFJb9KSdc !.00 min mark listen to it